Thursday, 1 May 2008

Watercolours and Interior Design

This morning I was reorganizing some of my old folders and I found some watercolour vignettes that I did years ago. It was a rare flashback to the beginnings of my business, when doing presentation boards, watercolours and sketches were done without the help of computers.

Unfortunately today this skill and drafting by hand are becoming lost arts. Nowadays technology has improved and facilitated the tools we use everyday in interior design; digital renderings and CAD programs or even some paint companies have colour previewers so home owners and professionals get the work done faster and easier than ever.

Still, after seeing my old watercolours I had a nostalgic feeling and wanted to share some of my old watercolours with you.

Asian Room - Watercolour Vignette by Ivan Meade 2002

Ecclectic Room - Watercolour Vignette by Ivan Meade 2002

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Anonymous said...

I remember those!


Anonymous said...

So pretty, you should take it up again!

jane said...

It's true that the CAD programs nowadays make design work faster and easier, but these watercolours are so pretty even though they may not be practical for today.

Anonymous said...

Ivan, nunca supe que hacías acuarela y lo haces bien. Sigue porque es una técnica que no permite errores y si los hay, se llaman accidentes y muchas veces hace mas valiosa la obra. saludos. shelly

Unknown said...

I just saw your comment on Michelle's Blog about your early attempts at watercolor and had to come and check it out....well I don't know what you are talking about because these are fantastic and show you have quite a gift and talent in this area. Well done!!!

Michelle said...

Ivan, Ivan...what else are you hiding from us? These are amazing! I think I have competition :)

The pattern in the chair is very well done, as is the wood, which is very difficult to render in my opinion.

Best Amigo,