Sunday, 7 September 2008

Serious Fun

Jaime Hayon and Nienke Klunder

The ongoing artistic and creative collaboration between Jaime Hayon and Nienke Klunder has been the fuel behind many of Hayon's most celebrated projects. Serious Fun is the first design collection co-created by them as equal partners. This textile collection for Berhardt Design aims to bring a fresh and exciting input to the fabric world. We started to create funny fresh patterns, and using colour combinations which were just a bit more daring. Colour was the key, Basta with the browns, greys, green greys, blue greys and beiges! Serious Fun is a balanced presentation of fabric designs that we would want to enjoy: good for the heart and appropriate for the mind. Collections: Bubbles, ZigZag, Romboid and Scribble - Hayon Studio -

Jaime Hayon

Nienke Klunder

I really like the vibrancy and the simplicity of these fabrics. Jaime Hayon and Nienke Klunder have shown in this collection an important lesson where a good design doesn't need to be elaborate to have a massive impact.

Scribble, Romboid, Bubbles Fabrics - Green

Romboid and Scribble Fabrics - Blue

Jaime Hayon

Nienke Klunder

Berhardt Design

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