Wednesday, 22 October 2008

HGTV - Here we come !

Our Maple Bay Project was selected to be filmed for HGTV's new TV series "TOP TEN". This show profiles their top ten picks for room categories. Our project will be featured as one of North Americas best games rooms early in May 2009.

The View from the Games Room overlooking Maple Bay

This project means a lot to me because it was a project where I designed lots of the furniture pieces myself and was designed thinking ahead of the game. The place used to be a Volleyball court yard and the planning of the space was a lot of fun. We transformed the whole space to accommodate a sensational games room, a gym, a kids bedroom and a lounge area.

My favorite pieces in Maple Bay - Chubby Birds of course

On Monday we styled the space for the filming of the show that took place on Tuesday. There is always a sense of nostalgia when you go back to a project that you designed years ago, but this project still looks as current as it did when it was first conceived.

We styled the space ourselves with a lot of planning and shopping. We also were fortunate enough to count on the help of Susan Ramsey from Ramsey and Ramsey - Flower Merchants. I am a firm believer that fresh flowers always complete the space
. The talent of Susan, Reika, Barbara and Sarah was definitely evident in the end result.

The mini Calla Lily arrangement by Ramsey & Ramsey

Grass and rose arrangement

Lilies in an Itala vase and a Jonathan Adler Ceramic "Aorta"

On Tuesday HGTV sent camera man Jim and assistant Austin to shoot the space. It is amazing the amount of equipment and detail that goes into a seemingly simple shoot. Jim and Austin were courteous and professional, a real pleasure to work with. It was a crazy day but we would like to thank Jim and Austin and of course our client for being so accommodating. It meant a lot to us.

Austin and Jim setting up the Jib

Austin and the TV monitor

Jim planning a shot of the view

Keep your eye out for HGTV's new show "TOP TEN" in early May. We are really looking forward to our future career as international super star designers (lol).

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qerat said...

Congratulations. It must be exciting.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! That was a great experience - I think we learned a lot about what goes into filming a design show, hopefully we have more television experiences to come!

Anonymous said...

Congrats of being chosen as one of HGTV's "TOP TEN" for their new show!
I'm a huge fan of your blog and look forward to receiving my email updates.
I've yet to see anything you like that doesn't appeal to me as well!
As a former gallery owner and resident of Vancouver, i am still feeling my way around victoria's design culture.
I look forward to watching the HTV show. you'll have to kpost the actual show date on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Congratulations I am sooo Very Excited for You!!!

Please post the date of the show so that we don't miss it!

That is definetly one of my favorites of all your projects I have seen!

Anonymous said...

Well done Ivan!

Anonymous said...

fantastic! I'll keep my eye out.