Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Eye Candy of the Week

I have not been this excited since Christmas Day (lol) Finally an entry that appeals to both the interior and graphic design services of my business.

Today I received a press release of one of the coolest Eye Candies we have ever published. I am always complaining about seeing the black screens on the flat tvs and so far the only decent solutions I have seen is to buy a mirror screen or even worse, the conventional tacky landscape animations. But this new soution is right up my alley.

I have been an admirer of Fornasetti for over 15 years, since my friend Isabel brought me a poster as a souvernir from Italy, since then I have collected plates and other Fornasetti paraphernalia.
This Fornasetti limited edition collection of ambient wall art for modern interiors brings animated interpretations of Piero Fornasetti's iconic "Theme and Variations" containing 7 tracks of purely visual, decorative art for the contemporary canvas of the flat screen. This limited edition of 3,000 comes in a custom lacquer box and is accompanied by a hand numbered, engraved card. Detour Design is a New York based design company and worked with Barnaba Fornasetti to produce this first title of three in this limited edition collection.

If you are looking for a modern and classic solution for your tv screen or computer screen here is the coolest solution ever.

Product:Tema & Variazione
Designer: Detour Design
Material: Digital Design
Artisit: Piero Fornasetti & Detour Design

Yummy Factor: Complimenti al Cuoco

Fornasetti Moves: From the Decorative Screen to the Flat Screen [ Press Release ]

New York, New York (December 11, 2008) - Detour Design announces the release of the first title in a limited edition Fornasetti collection “Theme and Variations”, animated interpretations of the work of Italian artist Piero Fornasetti. This high definition Blu-ray disc is the first in a series of three titles and is comprised of imagery from Fornasetti’s “Theme and Variations” - the iconic and enigmatic woman’s face. These slow moving, purely visual animations move through variations in hypnotic homage to his superb sense of fantasy and illusion. In collaboration with Barnaba Fornasetti, Piero Fornasetti’s son, Detour Design used many of the over 500 images in the series to create this title. Housed in an elegant custom lacquer box with a signature Fornasetti image gracing the lid, each Blu-ray disc in this limited edition of 3,000 is accompanied by a hand numbered engraved card. Designed as an object to be on display, it is available in select retail stores and online at www.fornasettimoves.com

Fornasetti has been described as a visionary whose formidable talent brought his dreams and creative genius into the modern interior through the design and decoration of everyday objects. His timeless works of art are a celebration of fantasy, illusion and the imagination. ”Fornasetti was known for his unique sense of play on visual perceptions, as we see in his decorative screens and murals, it seems a natural fit to apply his imagery to the contemporary canvas of the flat screen” says Gretchen van der Grinten of Detour Design.

The Detour Design Collection of ambient wall art for contemporary interiors is designed and produced by Nick and Gretchen van der Grinten, creative directors of Detour Design. From large scale multi-media installations to more intimate interactive presentations, Detour Design creates motion graphics and video content, serving clients in publishing, fashion, retail and luxury real estate.

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christian barnard land studio said...

This is a really cool alternative to the black void of the flat screen TV..........and since channel 1's holiday fireplace is seasonal this can take over for the other 11.5 months.

qerat said...

What a beautiful solution. Sad we dont have it here yet. It really solves a problem that I think all designers have !!

Anonymous said...

This really is a unique and beautiful solution, I really want to see all of the animations in action - I'm sure they are simply stunning!

Tina Weirauch said...

I actually just got this. I've been a Fornasetti fan for about ten years, and we have a large flat screen, so this was perfect. It's a bit pricy, and we haven't been able to play music while it's on, but I'm hoping to work around that as I'd love to have it on all day! It's going to be serious competition for actual television. The round box it comes in is a nice little collectible piece all on it's own.

Michelle said...

wait till Patricia sees this...lol

Anonymous said...

Okay... I must concur ( it takes so much for me to do so). That is some seriously cool Eye Candy. Thanks. -Julie O'

Maria Killam said...

That's so funny Michelle, I was going to say the exact same thing, Patricia will love this!!
For the TV, how cool is that!

pve design said...

It's like having a slice of Italy right in your home.
One Fornasetti to go please. Extra cheese please.