Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bienvenue Milène!

The designers at Meade Design Group are pleased to introduce a new member of our team: Milène Vallin


pictures milene 017Mademoiselle  Milène Vallin


Milène is a graphic design student from Lyon, France. She is going to be working with us during the month of June as an intern in order to get the necessary credits for her graduation from ESDRA.


pictures milene 021 Echito, Mademoiselle Milène, Miz Bobbie


We are very excited and honoured that she has come from so far to work with us. She is very talented and very sweet, it s a pleasure to have her in the studio and we are sure you will all welcome her as a part of our team while she is here!


pictures milene 023Iván, Mademoiselle Milène and Miz Bobbie


The first task we gave her was to create a new banner to go on the news section of the website.  Take a look at the cool design she created for us.  She is going to bring a very French eye to graphic design in Victoria, BC while she is here.





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Michelle said...

How nice to have such a gorgeous and talented piece of france in your office!! She does beautiful work! I am envious that she gets to work in your amzing studio with all you chickies.

I got the Snap papers in the mail today...many many thanks! that a newly married woman in the room? or is it coming up?


Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Welcome Milene! I'm sure you'll love Victoria and working with such a great design firm. Best of luck!

Unknown said...

Welcome to Victoria, Milène! Lucky you to have such fun people to spend your time with here ;-)

DesignTies said...

Bienvenue au Canada, Milène!!

Lucky Milène!! She's going to learn so much working with you and your team, Ivan :-) I wish I was so lucky!!

I LOVE the banner Milène designed -- she's a very talented lady :-)


Carly said...

What a great opportunity to work with such talent people all the best to you Milene.

The banner looks fantastique!!

Echito said...

Agreed! We are so happy to have Milene here, she is very sweet and very talented!

PS - Michelle: yes I am now officially a married woman, our wedding was May 16th and we had a fabulous day :) I'm sure Ivan will be blogging about it before too long, I just got my pictures from the photographer today!

Maria Killam said...

Love that banner! You are so lucky to have her! I look forward to seeing more of her talent!

Unknown said...

How exciting! Congrats to both of you!

Unknown said...

Ivan, Mademoiselle Milène Vallin, What a great opportunity for everyone.
I hope we can all learn from this June experience through blogging.

Mademoiselle Milène Vallin, I look forward to your blog when you return home as studies conclude and this experience integrates with your future work. Your banner is fantastic and I wish you the best!


qerat said...

Love the banner. Defenitely sunny :)
I am sure Milene will gain a lot while injecting a little "french" in the process.

Unknown said...

Amazing design! Congratulations for getting the new member.

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