Thursday, 24 September 2009

Eye Candy of the Week – Wally Hermès Yachts

Wally Hermès Yachts - WHY is the result of the joint-venture signed in June 2008 between Hermès and Wally, to develop a new type of motor yacht redefining the art of living on the sea. The iconic Parisian house and the iconic Monaco yacht brand formed an equal partnership whereby each company is fully involved in all aspects of the conception and design of each project. - Press Release.

I am always amazed in how Hermès takes something so classically beautiful and creates an equally, if not more stunning, modern version.

Why-Yatch-2WHY - The Yacht

Why-YatchWHY - The Yacht

Dimensions & capacity

58 m length

38 m beam

2,400 tons displacement

12 guests

20 crew

3,400 m² living areas


12 knots cruising speed

14 knots maximum speed

Constant cruising speed up to Sea Force 4

Long range autonomy 4 Atlantic crossings

Promenade on deck 130 m long x 3 m wide

Swimming pool with thermo regulated water 25 m long

Green Energy

900 m² Thermophotovoltaic panels

2,000 kWh stored energy

Last-generation batteries (LiFePO4)

Renewable energy production 500 kWh/day

Lost thermal energy recovered 1,500 kWh/day

Annual equivalent fuel saving 160,000 liters

Design and Development

WHY Design Team

Pierre-Alexis Dumas - Artistic Director, Hermès

Luca Bassani Antivari - President and CEO, Wally

Gabriele Pezzini - Design Director, Hermès

Mauro Sculli - Naval Architect

Roar Ramde, Ramform - Naval Engineering

Denis Montel, RDAI - Interior Architecture

Why-Master The Master Bedroom at WHY – The Yacht

Why-Yatch-3 Guest Area at WHY – The Yacht

Why-Yatch-4 Common Area at WHY – The Yacht

Why-Yatch-5 Common Area at WHY – The Yacht


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amie said...

Wow wow wow wow. I'm utterly speechles...............

Michelle said...

OMG...I was just at the Hermes store in NYC, and I can't imagine the price tag on that!!! It looks like a city block inside!! I'm afraid I like my candy not as sweet ;) I can imagine you in your Hermes tie on the deck for a party!! Actually...all of us on the deck for a party!!


Jaime Rogers said...

Riiiiiidiculous! Absolutely stunning.

Echito said...

If only.... hahaha

Unknown said...

WHY...I'll take it! You could design and work in this space in fact you could be a traveling business on this piece of lovely. Wow now that's thinking outside The Yacht!


qerat said...

Why ????? Yes exactly the point :)
Why would you post such a thing Ivan?? Your eye candy normally is something we can buy. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. thanks for sharing this work of art.

red ticking said...


daniel Hale said...

WOW, Its hard to say anything else. Two different experiences seeing first thew outside and then within. Stunned! Daniel