Monday, 15 March 2010

California – Our First Day


LA March 2009 007 Santa Monica Pier


After a long day of endless home accessory shopping we decided to take some time off and enjoy a beautiful sunset in California. 


We heard that one of the best places to do this in California was Santa Monica Pier – A legendary landmark for many movies.  This memorable location has a variety of entertainment, dining and shopping experiences, including the thrill rides of Pacific Park; and a historic 1922 Carousel that we never saw. 


We were not disappointed, we got our beautiful sunset and we had lots of fun while I was able to take some pictures to share with you.



LA March 2009 010 I really liked this concrete sculpture


LA March 2009 015 For all the Route 66 fans


LA March 2009 025 Echo and Myself


LA March 2009 027 West Coast Colours


LA March 2009 034 Fast


LA March 2009 044 I had to beat a new record


LA March 2009 040 Echito had to pose for my camera


LA March 2009 048

This is one of favourite shoots of the day


LA March 2009 060  Our Sunset - The End of the Day


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qerat said...

Almost felt homesick, I miss LA so much. Enjoy.

katiedid said...

Have a great time!!!! We were there last summer, and it it IS an excellent place for a sunset!

Brillante Interiors said...

Have a great time and report back to us.

Jeff said...

Super cool. I wish I was there to enjoy California with you both. The bright colours and golden sunset seems like dream - it's cloudy and rainy in Victoria.

Enjoy every minute of it.

Echito said...

It's fabulous!!!! We really are tying to enjoy every minute of it Jeffito :) thanks!!!

DesignTies said...

Great pictures!! Looks like you're having a fun time in California :-)


Michelle said...

I forgot about your trip...looks like so much fun...can't wait to hear the details! I'll be in Victoria at the end of the it would be great to do lunch :)

Lila said...

Someone told you right. The Santa Monica pier is fun and beautiful. I'm so jealous.
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

Karena said...

Ps I am following your blog!

Art by Karena

Unknown said...

Enjoy the great weather and the energy that radiates and fills your experience with great ideas!

I was born in Santa Monica CA (St. Johns Hospital) and grew up in Venice, CA. It has a vibe that you can't resist.

Have a fantastic time.



Thanks for the good wishes :)