Monday, 30 August 2010

Colour Harmony Guide – Circa 1965


As designers, we work with colour all the time and one of our main tools of the trade is the colour fans.  Each company has there own style and system but it is quite cool to see what was in use many years ago.


Last week, I received another great present – yes, from the same aunt who gave me the Cosmopolitan covers not too long ago, which inspired my entry Cosmopolitan Magazine Then and Now


IMG_2652 Sherwin-Williams Colour Harmony Guide



Centennial Edition



A classic exercise in colour - Which of the Greens on the page is darker?

Believe it or not they are the same!


IMG_2654Oooooooh! – Beautiful Interiors



I had my fair share of this kind of room as before shots in my interior design projects in Victoria BC. I think this was a very popular colour combo back in the day.  Avocado fridges anyone?


IMG_2656 Would you be comfortable dining in this room?


IMG_2657 This room totally reminds me of the work by David Hicks – Have you noticed the lack of green fabrics lately – You can find green in fabrics but not solid green fabrics.


IMG_2658 And this room could totally be done by Jonathan Adler


IMG_2659 Retro Vibe – Love the use of the 3 cubes and the yellow accent chair


The colour catalogue has these cool cut-outs to see the colour trends of 1965.  Colours like Alligator or Casablanca were the big hits.  Not too far from what is going to be trendy in the near future.


IMG_2660 Alligator Accent 1736



Casablanca Accent 553


By the way the gift came slightly incomplete there is a little bit of damage including a missing back – Gotta love that aunt with all her wonderful “treasures”.

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custardbydesign said...

thats a great look back at the style and era isnt it...

maybe not a big fan of some of those colour combinations...

but the furniture is great in some of those style shots...

great post...

Deb's mind said...

That is one totally awesome color book!! What a fantastic journey back in time!

Glamour Drops said...

That is one amazing treasure - quite priceless. Love the bedroom with the tropical green theme! What a great resource and snapshot of social history, let alone architectural history.

Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Very interesting to see how colors come and go...and come back again. I can totally see modern day inspirations in all of these. Yet they'd never be done this way again.

Echo said...

Dale said it very well - there are elements that are going to have resurgences, but never in this way!

It is quite the treasure, I wonder what your auntie will bring you next???

Brillante Interiors said...

Your aunt is a treasure in any sense. I have many magazines and books from the Fifties and Sixties collected by my mother and they are still an inspiration or at least fun to look at them. Lovely images Ivan.

Karena said...

Ivan, I would adore your Aunt.... a very special lady indeed!

Art by Karena

qerat said...

What a nice aunt. And what great inspiration. And yes my parents had an avocado fridge and a matching stove too !!