Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Eye Candy of the Week – Bulle Argent Cooler by Christofle





Champagne Cooler – Bulle Argent






Sterling Silver



H 26.7 cm X  L 26.3 cm



Last week, while I was away from the studio recovering from surgery, I was very fortunate to receive lots of beautiful an unexpected care packages from my favourite friends.  Lots of encouraging words, positive vibes, warm thoughts, beautiful flower arrangements, great trashy magazines, tv series, orgasmic desserts, pure vanilla ice cream – the way to my heart, a wonderful home-made soup, a fantastic portrait of my favourite girls in the world, a stunning watercolour kit, pyjamas, and the list of love keeps going and going without an order of preference.  I have to say that I felt and I still feel really special and loved and quite spoiled which I kind of like.


One of the care packages I received contained a beautiful handmade card with a “lucky penny”, a box of Thomas Haas Chocolate Truffles and a Vintage 2000 bottle of Dom Pérignon – What can I say, I was speechless when It got delivered to my front door in this extravagant and beautifully presented package - Anyhow, I have never had a Vintage bottle of anything in my life, so I am planning to celebrate in the near future my fight and share it with all my wonderful friends.  But guess what? I don’t have a Champagne Cooler, so I decided that I deserve a good b-day present (to myself) and I found this champagne cooler that is going to be with me for the rest of my life, and It will become a memory of all my friends.



C’est La Vie !!!

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Brillante Interiors said...

You deserved the whole package of love, affection, gifts, cards,encouragements. The cooler is so different, all round and cheerful and probably dancing when you put the bottle inside instead of the usual stiff, grown up and grounded ones.
Fun! I hope you are feeling better and that you can celebrate big time very soon.

Unknown said...


How are you today? Take your situation and journal about the joy in knowing yourself. Reflected by how well you share with others. I'm sorry to read that you are out of sorts and fighting.

Finding your balance again will take time. I'm thrilled to read that the universe supported you through friends, the flowers of life, and the personal ways they show you they care. Simply amazing. When you're ready to share this experience with others I'm listening my friend.

Repeat this daily often: I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. Take these words and write them out, record it, repeat it and "Believe" in your own voice.

Happy First Day of Autumn prayers for you have begun now and looking forward to our shared Birthday month of October.

Many Blessings to you,


Echo said...

Beutiful!, and totally your style :)

Enjoy it!

It's good to see that you know how much you are loved :)

Your favourite Design Princess,

(la princesa muy hermosa)

Unknown said...

Hi Ivan
It is in times like this that friends and family are so important, although we feel so powerless to help we rally to your side by contributing in anyway we can. Just know that you are loved and you are surrounded by the very best care givers.....!!!!!!
Your eye candy is just perfect.
All the very best to you.

Bridget Beari said...

Christofle has the best flatware too.