Friday, 17 December 2010

Our Holiday Card 2010

We have created quite a precedent for ourselves with our holiday cards, between the Rudolph card of 2008 and the Gingerbread recipe/cutter of 2009 we have to keep brainstorming ways to wow our clients and colleagues with original ideas that will continue to brighten their holiday season just that little bit more.


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We were excited to use a brand new, FSC certified, shimmering paper that can be used for digital printing in a unique accordion-style fold which allowed us to include an abundance of photographs and information over 8 panels in warm, festive shades of evergreen in an interactive and playful manner. A delicate etching of a bird perched on a wintery branch adorns the front with the phrase "Oh, what fun… creating memories", while the back reads with a joyful command for us all to eat, drink, and be merry this holiday season.



Meade Design Group has become a tight-knit family over the years, so we have shown that in this year's holiday card. Beneath a family style portrait of the smiling Meade Design Group team, the caption inside reads "This year we wanted to share some memories of our Christmas' past, a glimpse into our Christmas present and to wish you a joyful season yet to come!"; I guess we were feeling nostalgic. The remaining panels are filled with old photos from our childhood holiday memories: opening presents, decorating the tree, sitting on Santa's lap, bundled in winter attire, and all of the merry décor and ensembles that add to the season - all in fanciful, filigree-embellished frames.


photo 8


The game was can you guess who's who? and you can see all of the answers right here on Meade Design Group - the blog (since we know you have all been dying to find out!). Plus, this way you can see some of the photos in colour - you lucky readers you!








We hope you enjoyed our holiday card this year – thank you so much to everyone, including our blog readers for making this such a special year for us!





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Echo said...

I LOVE this card, I think it is so fun and really does portray us as our own little family!

I hope all of our colleagues, clietns and friends enjoy it as much as we do!!!

Leah Rourke said...

We love, love, loved your card. So crative and adorable!

Happy holidays!

Brillante Interiors said...

Lucky me! I have the card in my hands and I was playing the easy to spot Ivancito and Echito. Beautiful card indeed, it made me smile.

qerat said...

Beautiful card Ivan :)
Always full of fun ideas.
Happy Holidays

Unknown said...


Oh what fun it is to be so creative! Great idea that includes each of you in unique way in style. Great fun! Happy Holidays indeed.


Katherine said...

This card is lovely.Enjoy your holiday. Hugs! P.S. last day to enter my giveaway today