Sunday, 6 February 2011

Eye Candy of the Week – Galet USB Key by Christofle





Galet USB Key



Christofle and Lacie Galet



Christofle Silver



D. 1 1/2" (3.9 CM)
H. 0 1/3'' (0.92 CM)



4 GB



My mother used to say that real luxury is in the things that you touch every day.  The sheets you sleep in, the pen and paper you write on, the door knob of your home and so on.  I grew up with this phrase almost embedded in my brain and every time I possibly can, I endeavour to have all the things that I touch in my every day life be beautiful or stimulate my five senses.


While searching for this week’s Eye Candy of the Week I came across this USB key – It is made of silver, one of my favourite materials, and its design is so simple yet stunningly functional.  I have always admired the company Apple and their approach to aesthetics, and I wonder why other technology companies don’t follow this same path: to create beautiful objects for our every day life. 


Sharing the same creative passion and demand for perfection, Christofle and LaCie have joined their talents to introduce a precious gem that is the keeper of all your memorabilia – Galet, USB key.  With its beautiful pebble figure and magnificent shine, the Galet is sure to be an object of your affection. - Christofle


What are your favourite every day objects?



Smooth and Long Lasting!!!

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Brillante Interiors said...

Your mother had class!


Thank you! Albarosa :)

Echo said...

Aaaw, you need one of these, don't you? lol

I also think is simply beautiful - and I can vouch for the fact that your mommy's words are engrained in your mind! But it's a great sentiment, so why shouldn't it be!

Unknown said...

I love your Mother's words of wisdom. How lucky you were to be raised by such a classy woman. My favourite luxury is sleeping in Frette sheets and using a fluffy white Frette bath towel after a bath in Jo Malone....I could go on and on.