Saturday, 12 March 2011

Stylish Blogger Award




I was honoured to receive a nomination for the Stylish Blogger Award from Albarosa Simonetti of Brillante Interiors. For someone with that such good taste and grace to nominate me as being stylish is quite the compliment! If you haven't checked out Brillante Interiors before, it's a must read. She discusses topics in the most elegant way imaginable such as interiors, art, photography, and everything Italian.


I am happy to oblige in continuing the chain and sharing my seven inspiringly stylish elements:


1. An old photograph of my mother that was taken a couple of days before her wedding.  It’s a beautiful photograph and a great remainder that style needs to be natural.




2. Horses as subject matter in art. Their presence, their elegance, their movement...



Sculpture by Frances Sample


3. Creative Flower Arrangements – They know how to tell a story.




4. The juxtaposition of antiques and modern art.




5. A wax seal – a little bit of old world in a new world that has been bombarded with technology. 




6. Cantera Stone & Sterling Silver

Sphere is a piece that mixes two of my favourite materials: Cantera stone and Sterling Silver. What moves me is the story behind the piece and the pleasure of seeing it become a reality as my first object d’art that I designed for my collection Accentus.




7.  Etchings

I love etchings because they are a real piece of art, they have a complex process behind them, they are numbered (which means they are not mass produced) and they are affordable. A good way to support the art community.





I am also honoured to nominate my fellow blogger friends for this prestigious award:


1. Michelle Morelan - Aside from being a great and talented interior designer she is also an amazing artist and her project renderings are totally worth framing. Michelle has one of the best interior design blogs I follow "A Schematic Life".

2. Qerat - Tareq, the principal of Qerat is a multitalented designer, entrepreneur and blogger. His pieces, to a large extent, are handmade using very old and intricate techniques in a new contemporary way while maintaining a respect for his culture.

3. Tobi Fairley - Tobi's internationally acclaimed blog features her designs which are altogether soft, crisp, understated and refined. She has a brilliant grasp on balance in all forms (visual weight, colour tones and hues) and has a beautiful way of making her traditional designs look current and fresh.

4. Scot Meacham-Wood – The Adventures of Tartanscot.  His blog features all of the images, events and design tidbits that inspire him as an Interior Designer/Stylist. Scot is an expert at comfortable, transitional, interiors.


Thank you again Albarosa, this was a fun exercise - and of course, I am happy to have the opportunity to promote some of my favourite blogs!

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Brillante Interiors said...

This post if full of style! Thanks for the kind words, Ivan, if you only could spell BRILLANTE right...(Ha Ha)

Echo said...

Beautiful images, and great nominations too - well done!

Nicole said...

Congrats on the nomination. Your blog is great and I love Michelle Morelan's renderings too. Good Luck!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Congratulations! You Deserve the award!
I love your blog!
Great photos!
Jamie Herzlinger

John Briner said...

Congratulations for your nomination; I think you deserve it anyway. I find the images (along with their captions) you shared truly fashionable and inspiring. I'll be checking the blogs that you've nominated as well.

Chris Burdge - bWEST said...

Congrats on the nomination Ivan. You and your stylish blog get my vote! I'm always sending clients who want to start blogging to see your blog as a great example.

Keep up the great work.



Thank you so much Chris, John, Jamie, Nicole, Echo and Brillante Interiors for your kind comments - It is an honour to be considered as one of the stylish blogs.