Friday, 12 August 2011

Eye Candy of the Week - Papyri Cocktail Table




Top Detail in Polished Bone



Papyri Octagonal Cocktail Table






Base - Available in standard and premium brass finishes.

Top - Polished pieced bone.



39.75"W x 39.75"D x 17"



The Papyri Octagonal Cocktail has all the qualities that make a piece of furniture memorable.  First of all, I love furniture that is transitional –The Papayri Cocktail table can look as good in a contemporary setting as it can in a traditional one, the quality of the materials are exceptional, and overall has a distinctive design that will bring a quite but profound conversation to any room.


The shape of this table is so unconventional and is one of my favourite parts of this piece.   Lately, I have been tiring of round and square tables, so finding a shape as simple as an octagon makes a world of difference.  I love the scale of the table and the subtle design on the top that really draws your eye to its center.  The legs are like fine stilettos carrying the weight of the design.


Can you tell that I want one! just a little ;)




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Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Beautiful! I personally don't like to put a lot on my coffee table, so this would be a beautiful all by itself, or with very little on it. I want one for my living room.

Karena said...

Very unique, clean lines and wonderfully crafted, I love it!


Art by Karena

Claudia Juestel said...

Love Ironies, love inlaid bone. The octagonal shape is very practical. Great piece! Would love one too.



Echo said...

As you said, very HOT!!! I certainly would not object to having one of these in my living room...

Unknown said...

Ironies keeps coming up with beautiful designs. I want one too!

Shelf said...

That is an awesome design for a table. This table would really tie my kitchen together.