Tuesday, 29 May 2012

EYE CANDY OF THE WEEK – bjhon ii sink by angelo mangiarotti






Bjhon II Sink






Angelo Mangiarotti



Cristalplant Marble or Pietra



The Bjohn II sink retrieves an original idea by Angelo Mangiarotti of 1970. The collection, made in marble or pietra calls to mind classic garden planters with a minimal line.


This sculptural pedestal sink, with truncated cone shape column containing the central wastepipe, reminds me of the classism of Palladio’s lines, with the edge of Mangiarotti’s concepts.


But you may ask, who is Angelo Mangiarotti?


“Angelo Mangiarotti, is one of the leading exponents of 20th-century Italian design, a committed, cultured and brilliant designer, who took on the ideals of the Modern Movement and actually exceeded them through his experimental and highly original work, a Mies with the mind of an engineer, a freer and more creative Prouvé, a more multifaceted and experimental Nervi, and even a Brancusi drawing on the technology of his own time: because Mangiarotti managed to apply his own ingenuity to both architecture and design, a razor-sharp exponent of rigorous functionalism, who, however, never lost sight of elegance and beauty, taking his own work to the very verge of sculpture through clever studies of form, always using cutting-edge production processes and materials backed up by proper know-how and, above all, thinking, constantly drawing on ethical principles and a deep awareness of moral values, unique traits of this master, who, by brilliantly bringing together the dual qualities of ethics and aesthetics, has achieved “happiness” through “correctness”.” – Agape



Better than any gelato!!!

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Echo said...

Very yummy! I need to see what other stone varieties it comes in now...