Monday, 24 September 2012


One of my favourite things to do around this time of the year is to go for a walk on a warm Autumn day and listen to the the gentle crackling of the leaves beneath my feet. To celebrate the fall equinox  I went for a walk around Thetis lake.  I have to say that the walk also become a very inspirational afternoon,  just prior I was wondering what to create for the new fall campaign on our Meade Design Group website.


Here is an example why I love the help of technology:  my Iphone and Instagram were my assistants, and with their help I was able to capture the nostalgic/vintage feeling  I was aiming for.  Autumn is after all, a season for change.









Here are the shots I took that I used to create the new animation for the entry of Meade Design Group’s website:







I invite you to check out our website and harvest your style




How do you use technology to inspire you?

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Karena said...

Ivan, great photography, and autumn is my favorite time of year.

I guess my computer is king! I haven't gotten into Instagram. I can see how amazing it is!

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Francine Gardner said...

i have to admit I cannot get into the much more into summer, heat, sun, sea or mountains .I love your pictures, not so much into technology and suffer at times of a case of "it's overwhelming" maintaining my Interieurs website, Houzz, Pinterest, First Dibs, Dering name a few...I have not used instagram and will need to try it out in between Interior design project, designing furniture and running my showroom. I guess in our field of interest, one never gets bored.

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Echo said...

Really great moods and colouring here - I think they suit our website well :).

For me, I would really struggle to live without the modern conveniences that the iPhone provides lol - but for design work, my go-to tech necessity is definitely VectorWorks!

Unknown said...

Wow, what a great photography, all the pictures have great look, you have taken very nice pictures in the autumn season. I want to say thanks for sharing this great post.

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