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Not too long ago I received a very kind email from Renee Crawford about the amazing service that the ART Gallery of Greater Victoria offers.  A brilliant service that I have used in the past, it’s a great way to bring original art to any project at an affordable price point while supporting our local ART Gallery and our ART community.


My name is Renee Crawford, and I run the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria’s Art Rental and Sales program. What is that, you ask? Well, it’s the city’s largest inventory of rentable and buyable contemporary local art, with hundreds of pieces of original work.


With low monthly rental fees (starting at $20 per month) and no commitment to purchase, original art work has never been more accessible! Perfect for decorating and staging homes and businesses, contemporary art work easily transforms a room into an unforgettable experience. Contemporary art can provide colour, ambience, a focal point, and can considerably increase the “cool” quotient. It can help sell a home, increase a business profile, and complete the look and feel of any space.




Who uses the program? A vast array of people, from homeowners and renters to interior designers, home stagers, film companies, offices, corporations; anyone who has wall space could benefit from hanging a piece of amazing local art. For those who decide they can’t live without the work, we offer up to six months of rental fees towards purchase.




What kinds of art do we have to offer? We have the most comprehensive cross-section of local work in the city, with work in almost every genre, and limitless sizes and shapes. From watercolour to oil and acrylic paintings, printmaking pieces, mixed media and more, we have something for everyone. Need to fill a really big space? We have large scale works and can bring in works on demand as well. All of our work is stored here at the Art Rental and Sales office at the Art Gallery (1040 Moss St.), ready to be viewed by appointment.




Not sure what kind of art to hang? No problem! We offer professional consultations, delivery and installation services. We also offer an online archive that you can browse from the comfort of your own home or office.




Make an appointment today to come in and view our inventory, and browse our online archive for inspiration:




For more information call 250. 384. 4171 ext. 222 or email rcrawford@aggv.ca.

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Karena said...

This is a great service for those wanting original art! Thank you for featuring this company...

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Echo said...

It truly is a great service and wonderful value!

Thanks for the guest post, Renee!