Wednesday, 12 December 2012


It’s the moooost wonderful time of the year!! Here at Meade Design Group we love to get out studio into the holiday spirit with an abundance of sparkle (both of the silver and gold variety – mixing it up a little this year with our metals being the trendsetter we are), tartan and festive shades of rich red.


Looking for a little inspiration for your own holiday decorating? Look no further – here are a few ideas you could incorporate into your own home,  many of these ideas would look great in multiple colour palettes as well, so you can bring your own flavour into it!!




A custom square wreath by Tara McHugh Flora greets our guests with both the look and scent of Christmas cheer!




These three little wise musicians come bearing gifts of shimmering festive décor.




Our tree was fortunate to be the star (well, only second to the adorable Lupa, who always manages to steal the show) of Y.A.M.’s Holiday Issue.




A couple of close ups of some of our favourite ornaments – new this year is the golden laurel leaf garden which adds extra sparkle and warmth.




Tara McHugh Flora also created this fun base for our paper-whites with a combination of mosses, natural pinecones, ornaments and mini pinecones which were spray-painted a golden hue.




Our tartan teddy got to come out of hiding once again, he sits proudly in the studio’s meeting room.




And of course, these little chubby pajaritos are back too – dispersed throughout the arms of our chandelier.




It's only animal cruelty if they are alive right? The Silver reindeer are perfectly content in their apothecary encasement.




Even our Frances Semple horse sculpture is feeling festive with it’s tartan bow with long curly tails.




As you can see, now it fits right into the rest of the studio’s holiday décor!




And finally, this repetition of three of Tara McHugh Flora’s wreaths is stunning both from inside the studio and the lookie-loos doing their holiday shopping along Government Street.




We hope you are able to enjoy them with your loved ones, hopefully in a space that feels as festive as ours… you know who to call if you need a little help in that department!

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Karena said...

Ivan I love your decor in your office for the Holidays...all just perfect!

2012 Artists Series,

Echo said...

Hooray!!! My favourite way to come into the studio :)

Who doesn't love being welcomed by a giant, sparkling Christmas tree!!

Unknown said...


The Studio looks beautiful. I love Lupa on the front cover of y.a.m. thanks for sending me a copy of this magazine. Your genius and creative talent is evident in the articles. Well done.
Wishing you and everyone at Meade a very happy holiday season and all the very best for 2013!

Marie said...

I have been looking all over to find the silver reindeers in one of the picture, would you mind (please, please, please) telling me where you got it? Worth a try. Thank you! :)


Hi! Marie,

Thank you very much for your comment - We got the reindeers at Shoppers a couple of years ago. I check the pieces but they don't have any brand or manufacture. I hope this helps! Have a great 2013!

Marie said...

Thanks for your quick reply! I think I found out that they are from Pottery Barn - google is my friend - but they're not so easy to get a hold on, popular little silver deers. :)

Thank you - I wish you a great 2013 as well!