Thursday, 7 February 2013

VIC 42–A SPECIAL Feature

Today I was included in a great feature that I would like to share with all our blog readers.  VIC 42 – A local website that celebrates the unique and interesting people in Victoria -  invited me to be part of their collection of personalities.  I feel very honoured to be selected and to share virtual space with some of the most influential people in my own community. 


I have always said that Victoria has great talent and that we should embrace it – Now we have an opportunity to discover our locals thanks to VIC 42


Teresa Lindsay & Al Smith are the geniuses behind the VIC 42 concept.  A very innovative and progressive platform to showcase talent.


I had the pleasure of meeting Teresa many years ago and thanks to VIC 42, we have rekindled our friendship.   Teresa took the time to learn about me and who I am and I could not be more pleased with her write-up. Al’s photography is outstanding – it can be appreciated not only in my own photo, but in the rest of the pictures you can see on their site. Working with Al was a pleasure.  He made me feel comfortable during the whole process and now I even have a photo of myself that I like – lol -




I invite you to check this great website and support out amazing local talent in Victoria.



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Unknown said...

Congratulations Ivan, or should I say congratulations 'universal man'. I like that title for you.....very fitting.

Echo said...

That is a pretty regal photo!

Congrats on the article, it's great :)