Thursday, 4 April 2013


As seen in SNAP – April 2013


Often I think that the associations with the word “Art” are too strong and misunderstood. Art does not only belong in museums, public buildings or city landscapes. Art also belongs in your home, your bedroom, your bathroom, and your garden.


Recently while working on a project with a client in some part of the process I mentioned that we needed to consider some art pieces for the focal point of the room and other walls. My client looked hesitant " But I can't afford art in my space, art is so expensive! " Well I said. "Art doesn’t need to be expensive; It only needs to speak to you and your surroundings".


You can find really interesting pieces even in second hand stores. When you bring art to a living environment you bring interest and a more sophisticated feel. Art impacts space in a very personal way. One's art selections can reflect one's mood, vibrancy, culture, and even one's sense of humour in some cases. Art is for me a "stamp in your letter" (Spanish saying) or the icing on the cake for you Canadian people.


I have always been fortunate to be surrounded by art. I always thought that having art in your home was as common as having a dish washer or an iron. But this thought started changing when I realized that people often get intimidated by the word and by the art itself. Art can be found in so many ways – Paintings, Sketches, Photographs, Etchings, Sculptures, Masks, Object d’Art, or even an item of nostalgic value. Art can be expensive – yes! , but also art can be inexpensive; a simple framed napkin with a sketch on it can be art in itself. I wish I could have a sketch by Frank Gehry for example. Why not frame the latest cover of Rolling Stone Magazine or a black and white photograph from a Magazine - Art can be social and art can be political, but the most important thing is that art can be everywhere you are - just need to find it and make it yours.




Sketch by Frank Gehry


Here are some examples of Meade Design Group projects where we have use art.



African Masks + Engravings – Shoal Point Residence



Hand Sketch and Bust – Sherman Oaks



"Man and the Bird" by Artist Cony Valdes - Marifield Project



Black & White Photography – The Village

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Echo said...

Yes, art is a definite must!

I love having art pieces in my home that speak to me in different ways. I have some of my own paintings, antique works, Etsy purchases and some of Nic's medals (it's his home too, I guess lol) - but it never fails, my favourite is definitely photography.

I am a nostalgic and relationship-oriented person so when I look at my collection of photos leading down my stairwell I love that it brings back so many happy memories!

This is especially effective for me with the way the pieces are arranged - it can be an art in itself!

peterborough plumber said...

This looks great, I sooo need to try this soon! Thanks!