Friday, 11 October 2013


One of the most exciting  projects we have worked on this year is the development of the brand and graphic identity for Autonomous Furniture Collective.  A Victoria BC based company that develops furniture made with traceable resources by local designers.


I had the pleasure of meeting Kirk Van Ludwig and Jodie Webb a long time ago, and when they decided to start their own furniture company they, invited me to be involved with the graphics and brand direction.   Since the first meeting I was blown away with their product and concept for their shop.  After our first meeting I knew we needed to design something that is relatable not just locally but globally.  Their product has so many unique qualities that I wanted to be part of the brand: traceability, local design, quality design, unique materials, and the list keeps going.




Alta Table by Autonomous Furniture Collective


To have a solid product in the marketplace we needed to start developing a brand that will complement the product and the idea behind it, as well as where the product was going to be sold.  After all, Autonomous is a new business and we wanted to use their fresh approach as an advantage.



Walnut  Coffee Table and Ebony Bow Tie Detail

After much deliberation, the name was decided: “Autonomous Furniture Collective” – We wanted to give the shop a gallery feel and create a new experience for every customer.  Every time you purchase a piece you will know where the history of the wood or other materials used – their former life and where they are coming from; in addition to the designer of the piece – Autonomous’s designers are mostly local and talented artisans that are members of the Furniture Collective.  People who appreciates good design, quality, and timeless pieces that act as sculptural forms while maintaining their ability to be used in everyday life. The pieces become a part of your home and lifestyle developing a nice natural patina and depth.  Aging as they would in nature.




After we had the logo designed we needed to position the company, so we came up with a phrase to distinguish them in the marketplace - “the new west coast”. This phrase was born as a way to let the customers know that this is a new product and that it is possible to re-invent what people consider to be pure west-coast design.  After all, the main material in their furniture pieces is sourced in the west coast. We further this notion with the phrase “Sculptural forms that are at once urban and rural”.




With all the brand elements and logo in place it was time to start having some fun and develop their stationary package.  We wanted something sexy, unique and memorable; just like their pieces of furniture.  We selected a beautifully textured, thick paper in black and we foiled the card in gold to reflect that they are current and that the product is pure quality. 





The launch of the brand was at IDS West this year and it was extremely well received, the pieces have already been invited to 3 of the most prestigious show rooms in Vancouver.  Thanks to the power of social media, design gurus such as Margot Austin and Joe Ruggiero have shown interest in the pieces which is an incredible sign.



IDWest 2013


All in all we cannot wait to see how far Autonomous will go in spreading the product around the world.


Intrigued???  Visit their new showroom and be surprised!!!


2101 Government Street, Victoria B.C  V8T 4P2

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Karena said...

Hello Ivan,
I love the Walnut coffee table with Ebony Bow Tie Detail I want it badly!

Art by Karena

Echo said...

So awesome! Great people producing a great product, what more could you ask for?