Sunday, 2 December 2007

The Official Victoria Gift Guide (part 1)

The Holiday season has arrived, the city has embraced it with lights in the Downtown core and everybody is getting ready to make the most of this time of the year.

Yesterday we got the first snow of the season, I started writing my holiday greetings and I had chance to enjoy The Nutcracker at the Royal Theater. With the warmth of an eggnog latte I would like to share with you what are the best finds of this season in Victoria. We often read Oprah’s favourites, or the suggestions of any Home Decor magazine but we hardly ever find them in the city we live. With this in mind I decided to write this entry about these particular finds. Finds that are accessible in Victoria and that will make the perfect gift for that someone who really deserves the best!

NOTE - For Prices and availability of the products please contact the stores directly - Thanks !

* Fresh Soaps – Bernstein & Gold
Stunning ready-to-give gifts.

Our favourites are the Linden and Orange Chocolate

Available locally at:
608 Yates Street - Ph 250. 384.7899

* Dora Maar Vase (Jonathan Adler) - Only Human
Surprising ! Surreal ! Sublime !

Our favourite Dora Maar Vase by Jonathan Adler

Available locally at:
Dragon Alley - Ph 250.661.4945

* Essence Glass Ware (IItala) – Gabriel Ross
Designed by Argentinan Alfredo Haberli - This glass ware respects tradition in its design, but also sets out to create something new to meet modern needs.

Our favourite champagne flutes

Available locally at:
589 Bay Street - Ph 250.384.2554

* French Water Bouquet – Ramsey and Ramsey

Available locally only at:
Ramsey and Ramsey
2000 Oak Bay Avenue - Ph 250.595.8919

* Dwell Bedding - Bespoke

Our favourite Chinoiseire Collection
Available locally at:
146-560 Johnson Street - Ph 250.298.1105

* Home by Kelly Hoppen - Bolen Books

Available locally at:
111-1644 Hillside Ave - Ph 250.595.4232

* Head Sculpture – Studio 201
A unique piece with strong personality.

Head Sculpture
Available locally at:
536 Herald St - Ph 250.385.5600

* Oopsy Daisy Art – Finn & Izzy
Fresh and cool art for kids !

Our favourite Hush Little Baby by Karina Bania
Available locally at:
Finn & Izzy
2041 Oak Bay Ave - Ph 250.592.8168

* Harmony flatware – Design House
Erik Bagger has created a new classic set of cutlery, matching modern table arrangements. Each item of Harmony embodies the designer's sense of function and aesthetics and shows his ability to combine modern ergonomics with traditional design. From Denmark.

Available locally at:
616 Yates St. - 250.383.3579

* Calvin Klein Rugs - IPC Decor

Our favourite Calvin Klein Luster Washed Collection

Available locally at:
#22-532 Herald Street - Ph 250.361.3772

* Paper Soft Seating - Place
One of the coolest new innovative products on the market - It is so sculptural and unique - Love it!

Available locally at:
3690 Shelbourne St - 250.381.3488

* Pick-up Bar - Nicholas Randall
3.5 oz of milk chocolate that promises never to lie to you, to be there in the morning, to never ask your age and to really truly listen to everything you have to say. It is a MUST have for the season (lol)

Available locally at:
Nicholas Randall
2041 Oak Bay Avenue -Ph 250.592.1789

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Anonymous said...

O0oOo0O0oh!!! I want ALL of this stuff-great picks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great ideas and cool stores. I can't wait to check them out!