Friday, 14 December 2007

The Official Victoria Gift Guide (part 2)

With less than 10 shopping days left until Christmas we thought we would help you along with a few more suggestions for some great, local gifts. We ran into Santa at the Bay Center who gave us a few tips…what he was doing in the lingerie section is beyond us!

NOTE - For Prices and availability of the products please contact the stores directly - Thanks !

* Sacher Torte – The Original

This is a great gift for those who have everything. Arriving at the recipient’s doorstep in a beautifully presented box, this is a gift that will surprise and delight any palette and is also a refined and unique alternative to fruit cake. I have ordered these tortes several times in the past and they always arrive fresh and delicious-Don’t forget to add a squirt of whipping cream!

Available at:

* Double Bowl Alessi - Gabriel Ross & Design House

A unique serving essential made from two separate curves of stainless steel; one that forms the inside and one that forms the outside of the bowl, designed by Donato D'Urbino.

Available locally at:

Gabriel Ross: 589 Bay Street - Ph 250.384.2554,
Design House: 616 Yates Street – Ph 250.383.3579

* Sphere – Ivan Meade

Sphere form the Accentus/Contempo collection of the Ivan Meade Object d’Art line.
The sphere represents the ball used in an ancient Mayan game, and the silver bands encircling the piece reflect the resource coveted by the Spanish. The cantera stone ball has been chiselled by hand than wrapped in the silver bands by gifted craftsmen in my hometown of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Available locally at:
1316 – B Government Street – Ph 250.881.1990

* Boxy Backpacks – Sprouts

The Coolest Bag for the modern mom

Available locally only at:
202-536 Herald Street - Ph 250.388.9525

* 97 ways to make your dog smile by Jenny Langhehn - Nicholas Randall

A great book that will definitely make you smile – If you have a friend that walks a dog in Clover Point this will be the ultimate dog lover’s stocking stuffer.

Available locally at:

Nicholas Randall
2041 Oak Bay Avenue -Ph 250.592.1789

* Candle holder - Liberty

Little Boxes that will keep the light of this season.

Available locally at:
1630 Store Street – Ph 250.389.1180

* Lamp – Romanoff
This lamp is a great blend of classic and modern. The urn shaped base-a classical Greek form has been streamlined and created in polished chrome, creating a striking juxtaposition. Topping it off with a simple black shade produces an elegant, versatile piece.

Available locally at:
508 Herald Street – Ph 250.480.1892

* Ercuis Salt and Pepper Shakers – Birks

Finding a contemporary set of salt and pepper shakers can be difficult but this set stuns with its architectural simplicity.

Available locally at:

1023 Government Street – Ph 250. 382.4241, 1644 Hillside Ave – Ph 250. 595-1424

* Chess Set – Place
Design: Adin Mumma
Motion is added to an otherwise still game. A concave landscape stabilizes freely quivering chess pieces, creating a lively interaction between board and pieces.

Available locally at:

3690 Shelbourne St - 250.381.3488

* Gift Certificates -Meade Design Group

Because what else could be better?

Available locally at:

1316 – B Government Street – Ph 250.881.1990

* Haven Spa - The Pier

Haven Spa provides a holistic approach to beauty and wellness – one that embraces pampering and indulgence but also offers guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Balancing the harmony of mind, body, and nature with the melody of inner and outer beauty. One of the best spas in the city!

Available locally at:

9805 Seaport Place – Ph 250.655.9445

* Chilewich Tablemats - Nicholas Randall

Innovative use of yarn fuses style and sophistication to create a modern alternative in tabletop dressing. Tablemats and runners are available in an array of textures and colors.

Available locally at:

Nicholas Randall
2041 Oak Bay Avenue -Ph 250.592.1789

* Hannuka - Umbra

Design: Michelle Ivankovic
Soft flowing lines create a bouquet of candles. Also functions as a Menorah, adjusts to either taper or thinner candles.

Available locally at:
3690 Shelbourne St - 250.381.3488

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for the holidays!

That was so fun chasing Santa around the Bay Center!!

I loved working together to find these great gifts, I think there is something here for everyone! (I know I've bought some of them myself this holiday!)

Happy Holidays everyone!