Thursday, 31 July 2008

Eye Candy of the Week

Product: Object d'Art / Sculpture
Artist: Alvaro Cuevas
Artist Website:
Material: Bronze

Yummy Factor: Full-Bodied !

Alquimista #4
Object d' Art by Mexican Artist Alvaro Cuevas

Elefantemanus #1
Object d' Art by Mexican Artist Alvaro Cuevas

The creations in The Animal-manus and The Time Alchemists collections which multidisciplinary mexican artist Alvaro Cuevas has assembled for his most reasent pieces of art, mirror the perfect fusion between the artistic quality of the creative laboratory of the artist, and the playful, fantasy quality that Cuevas brings to each of his work pieces.

The balance between expression and function, the studied combination of materials like bronze usual themes, and the magic of the unexpected that Cuevas is known for, make these pieces truly original objects d' art that, over and above their decorative potential, awaken a sense of fantasy in the beholder.

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Anonymous said...

Great pieces !

Anonymous said...

Very interesting sculptures. The detail and realism in the hands and feet is stunning, juxtaposed with the oddity of melding them into another form is somewhat eerie and bazaar but definately worth appreciating!