Monday, 14 July 2008

From one Victoria to Another

One of the things I really enjoy about our world today is how global we are. One day I found a set of lost cousins that design cool furniture in Spain, the other day I ordered a piece of furniture from Finland or in this case I bought a print made in Victoria, Australia and I got it delivered to my home town Victoria, British Columbia. It really amazed me how close and how far we are.

The other day Sarah asked me - Have you ever been to Etsy? What's Etsy I asked? Sarah said - Oh! my you definitely have too look in there. It is a website where you can find anything you want. It's like an Ebay but even better, the prices are fixed and you can find really hidden gems. Well after getting this advice from my favorite pregnant mama Sarita I could not miss the opportunity to check out this new site. Well I got really really addicted to the site and I found real gems indeed!. I was looking for inexpensive but cool art for a project and I found even a piece for myself.

Yesterday my print arrived in beautiful packaging and a personal note. Please see my great find below as well as some information about the artist Bridget Farmer.

Bridget Farmer relocated to Melbourne from northern Ireland in 2007 to undertake a Masters of Fine Art (Printmaking) at RMIT. With a background in drawing, jewelery design and silver smithing. Farmer turned to etching as her preferred area of practice following the completion of an APW course in printmaking. Farmer was struck by the variety and number of birds in Australia, which has led to her current series of miniature hard ground etchings depicting native Australian birds.

Here are some of my favorite Etsy shops:

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Koo and Poppet said...

I love it!

And so happy I could introduce you to the wondeful world of Etsy!!

I meant to tell you....I have a bird piece from Pinn Studio that I got in Vancouver. I'll bring it in to show you on Friday :)

Anonymous said...

Etsy is great, I can't wait to make a purchase!

The bird you found is perfect for you, Mrs. Farmer is really talented, I love the pieces she has depicting a day at the beach with her dogs. That may just be my first Etsy buy!

Tobiah Horton said...

Thanks for mentioning my Etsy site on your blog! Let me know if any of my drawings would fit into any of your interiors proposals, we could arrange something...
oh, if you'd like to see more/other works, please visit