Friday, 26 December 2008

The 10 Best Champagne Flutes

One of my favourite activities for New Years Eve is to sip some fizz and of course this needs to be done with a stylish champagne flute. For the last couple of years I have had the pleasure of using my set of Iittala Essence Champagne Flutes - I think they achieve the right mix of classic and contemporary.

Here is a collection of Champagne Flutes that I think are stunning (including my litallas) - any of which will make this New Years Eve a special one and any brand of bubbly look just fine.

Mimosa Flute
Crate and Barrel

A stemless, architectural design with slender column and short, stepped base rethinks the classic flute.

Neptune - Clear Crystal Champagne Flute

Since it was established in 1764, Baccarat has continued expanding its influence, inspired in roots stemming from an ingenious handcrafted work of the highest quality, throughout the world.

Iittala Aarne Champagne Glass
Gabriel Ross

The glass designer and decorative artist Göran Hongell was one of the pioneers of the Finnish glass tradition. His blown glassware service Aarne set the trend for glass design during the 1950s, a trend which remains to this day.

Etched Florentine Champagne Flutes
Brocade Home

Ringing in the New Year has never been as stylish as with these patterned Champagne glasses. Best of all, the etched Florentine motif goes with many decors.

Inside-Out Champagne Glasses - Alissia Melka-Teichroew
Red Envelope

Conceived by Netherlands-based designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew, these handmade champagne glasses feature the iconic flute housed inside a discreet outer tube. The mouth-blown double-walled glass ensures bubbly stays crisp and cold, sip after sip.

Iittala Essence Champagne Glass by Alfredo Haberli
Gabriel Ross

Designer Alfredo Haberli utilized his background in the hotel and restaurant business to integrate an in-depth knowledge of wine with his own vision of wine appreciation in the creation of the Essence glasses; wine glasses that focus on the seductive power of wine.

Extra-tall glasses rise confidently out of equally sized flat-bottomed plates in a demonstration of thoughtful design. Together the glasses stand tall, and serenely balanced. Essence has found the essential meeting points of tradition and modernity, celebration and everyday use.

Double-Walled Champagne Glass by Welmadeproducts

Double-walled glass will keep your bubbly as cool as the parties you throw!

Edge Flute
Crate & Barrel

A tall, cylindrical bowl with a flat base has a dramatic, contemporary look that lends an elegant edge to the enjoyment of bubbly.

Float champagne flutes by Todd MacAllen and Stephanie Forsythe

The unique float champagne flutes are an elegant compliment to a fine bottle of bubbly. Cheers!

Aracnea Recycled Glass - Champagne Flute
Biome Lifestyle

A Green option. Stylish champagne flute made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass, thereby reusing our planet's waste. Additionally, each flute is unique; the glass is etched and painted by hand.

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qerat said...

I would not mind using/buying/looking at/receiving any of them :)

Maria Killam said...

Love the idea of the contemporary champagne flute! I was given some tall flutes as a gift that were meant to be used as candle holders (they came with coloured votives to insert with water under them) and then one day I got the idea to use them for champane so it was fun to see some alternatives! Great post.

Michelle said...

very cool...remember all of the Designer martini glasses for Bombay Saffire Gin a while back? They were also amazing.

Happy New Year Ivan!

Maria Killam said...

Ivan, Patricia & I were talking about YOU the other day and wishing you lived in this town! When you come to Vancouver, you need to let us know!!

Alice Young said...

Okay, Ivan, you can go visit Colour Me Happy, but no slipping off to Vancouver! Victoria needs you here :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful selection of champagne flutes Ivancito, and such an appropriate entry for the new year!