Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Eye Candy of the Week – Arial Area Rug Collection by Creative Matters


French Wire Platinum – Creative Matters Area Rug

imageNova Platinum – Creative Matters Area Rug

image Pepe Platinum – Creative Matters Area Rug

imageRory Platinum – Creative Matters Area Rug


Scratch Platinum – Creative Matters Area Rug

image Polarize Cooper – Creative Matters Area Rug

image Vibrato Platinum – Creative Matters Area Rug

Creative Matters Area Rugs




Aerial Collection


Wool, Silk


Creative Matters Inc. is a Canadian company based in Toronto and has been in the carpet production business since 1988.

With a strong history of custom-designed carpets for the hospitality and residential markets, Creative Matters has launched the Aerial Collection, a set of eight spectacular designs.

Each design is available in either two or three different colourways. Designed by Creative Matters in Canada, each piece is meticulously hand-crafted in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal, employing only hand-spun and hand-carded Himalayan highland wool and high-quality silks for each design.

In addition to the beautiful graphic quality of the designs, Creative Matters have perfected a subtle and interesting gradation of the background in their carpets, ranging from dark at each end to a lighter colouration in the center.

Creative Matters is also an active supporter of RugMark, the non-profit society dedicated to eliminating child-labour in the carpet industry in Southeast Asia. This ensures that all carpets from Creative Matters are knotted only by adult-weavers.

C'est magnifique !


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Izabella said...

These are fabulous, especially the fourth one.

qerat said...

Maybe French Wire?? I like them all would depend on the room they can all look great.

Echito said...

I really like them all but I think French Wire might be my favourite, very elegant.

Unknown said...

Love pepe platinum and rory platinum. Im using a lot of grays in my interiors these days and these would be perfect. Great post. I like the idea of finding new vendors. I think you should do this on a weekly basis!!

Brillante Interiors said...

French wire and Polarized copper are my favourites and I appreciate the fact that they are designed by Canadians and made with sense and sensibility.

Unknown said...

I chose Rory Platinum, they're all great! Great picks that for sure.
Thanks for sharing them.


Michelle said...

I like these...not too much contrast, but they allow you to have some fun.

Online Multimedia Degrees said...

I am in love with the Rory Platinum rug. I could have five of those in my house! And knowing that you're helping get rid of child labor is an awesome bonus!

Dan said...

all boring greys.



Hi! Dan,

Everybody is entitled to have an opinion.

I know they can look boring by themselves, but they can be a wonderful neutral texture to ground the space. Colour can be part of the furnishings or accents in the room.