Sunday, 28 November 2010

How to decorate for Christmas? Here are some tips from Meade Design Group


Studio December 2010 535


Last Friday we decorated our studio for the Christmas season. This year we decided to do a red, different silver textures with a subtle tartan theme a la fashion designer Vivienne Westwood & interior designer Scot Meacham Wood aka Mr.Tartanscot.


Much like our studio we kept it classic with a modern edge. Country meets Scotland with a touch of Meade Design Group (lol)


Studio December 2010 559

Studio December 2010 560


Little silver chubby birds put the holiday spirit into our Flos Chandelier.


Studio December 2010 541

Studio December 2010 543


We created a sense of rhythm with 3 arrangements for our meeting table made with fresh pine, pomegranates, and tiny sparkle apples.


Studio December 2010 567 Studio December 2010 569 

A splash of festive colour in our working space.  We added some topiaries with ribbon and we create our popular “cheater pillows”.  Here is the recipe you just need to add ribbon, double side tape and Chinese silk buttons. A quick fix up for every seasonal pillow.


Studio December 2010 581

Studio December 2010 558


"More is more" when it comes to our Christmas Trees. Our tree is towering at 9' tall and is filled with over 350 ornaments and 1000 lights.


Studio December 2010 577


This year we got new stockings with a beautiful red embroidery detailing.


Studio December 2010 599


I found this very innocent tartan teddy bear by Ralph Lauren at The Bay and I just had to have it – It needs a name, Any ideas?


Studio December 2010 584


Some chrome twig - style reindeer adorn our book shelves.


Studio December 2010 614


To finish our seasonal decor we also got 3 over scale chrome spheres and we hang them in front of our windows.  Just to share the cheer with the street.


I hope we were able to inspire you to bring some cheer into your home this holiday season.   The secret is to keep it simple, no more than 2 colours, choose one metal either silver or gold and a constant theme throughout and yes, lots and lots of Christmas spirit. 





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Lisa said...

An obvious name for Teddy would be Scotty! Beautiful decorations love the birds!

Kathysue said...

Absolutely festive, elegant and gorgeous!!! Love all of the simplicity of the vignettes. My favorite understated elegance!! Kathysue

Concrete Jungle said...

Love the ribbon tip for pillows....Merry Merry!

mary said...

I think that the bear looks like an"Andrew"....he is pretty cute. Thanks for the tips.

Designwali said...

oh such a very merry christmas I see happening in your space! love it.

Unknown said...


Great post and I've noticed this year in our neck of the costal "woods" people have decorated a bit earlier.

Feeling the spirit of Christmas is absolutely about the glittery lights and simplicity of glamour.

Imported chocolates, sparkling wine, great fondues, parties, friends, clients, and family of course!


qerat said...

Beautiful Ivan. And yes MORE IS MORE when it comes to decorating a tree. Nothing worse than a bare tree :)

Pauline said...

A belated happy Thanksgiving to you. Thanks for continuing your work on this enjoyable blog.

Sia said...

Thank you for sharing theses lovely ideas!!! I love your blog. Love Sia xx

Michelle said...

I love your studio...any time of year!

but this is lovely:)


Echo said...

Hooray!!! I love our holiday decor! I'm so glad to hear everyone else is a fan too!

Brillante Interiors said...

Just wonderful~! I love the choice of colors and of some tartan(scot!) the birds on the light fixture are happily Twitting about The Meade Group office decorations.
The bear is adorable...Scot? Orsetto? Feliz?

Running with Scissors Studio - The Blog said...

Finn & Izzy think MacIntosh would be a great name for your tartan bear :)