Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Eye candy of the week – Tofinou by Philippe Stark


image Tofinou 12 by Philippe Starck


imageLooking down into the saloon -On the left, the water point


image Overview of the salon


image Exterior



Tofinou 12



Latitude 46



Philippe Stark



All the yachting classic materials, from precious woods to leather and beautiful metal pieces in polished stainless steel can be found in the boat.


As of the companionway, the two sections (bathroom and water point) are in rosewood with a stainless steel frame, a large mirror for the shower section, mirrors halfway above the water point, facing one another in perfect symmetry.

The saloon is now a welcoming heaven, with warm leather from the floor to the top of the roof, ensuring the greatest comfort: wide curved seating, large cushions, elegant leather storage pockets customised by Goyard, varnished painted oval table and mirror polished stainless steel mast support.



With his ingenious creativity and his undisputed love for sea, Philippe Starck has designed this first unit, which will be unveiled at the 2010 Paris Boat Show.

- The carbon wheels are silver grey painted and leather covered;
- Two storage units have been added in the cockpit;
- The hull color is warm gray, with no waterline or decoration and just a Philippe Starck's signature.



The fifth Tofinou 12, currently being built at the Latitude 46 boatyard, has been designed by Philippe Starck.   This morning I received this press release and It couldn’t arrive in better time as I was searching for my Eye Candy.    I love the clean lines and the warmth of its interiors.  A classic has re-born with the talented hand of Monsieur Starck.


"A Tofinou doesn't exist. It's just a dream, an evocation, a breeze, a sigh of happiness. So little materiality, so elegant. The perfect quality and timelessness of Tofinou born within the natural intelligence of the relationship between the sea and man. A dream." - Philippe Starck



Cest Fantastique!!!

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Velvet and Linen said...

A gorgeous classic indeed!
Philippe Stark has done it again.


Karena said...

I love Phillippe's quote on a Tofinou! fabulous .....take me sailing away!

Art by Karena

Echo said...

Mmmmm that is yummy!!!

I think I should have one so my sister can take me out on it with all her sailing skills (lol).

Brillante Interiors said...

Just gorgeous boat. I wonder where the name comes from, Tofinou does not exist but our Tofino does...and it deserved to name this beauty (Michelle would agree)