Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Design for the Designers

The latest design find for local designers, architects and stagers is the much buzzed about Design District Studio (or DDS as it is affectionately known within Victoria's design scene). A flexible, economical, and practical solution for many consultants in town that do not have their own studio space or sample library.


Design Studio 023


Members receive a multitude of benefits including the use of the space for client meetings, use of the extensive samples available for sourcing and presentations, as well as access to all of the DDS accounts for ordering fabrics, furniture, wallpaper, fixtures and more. The Design District Studio also offers very helpful advice including trade and installer references, assistance with sourcing and use of the space for private functions.


Design Studio 038


What's more, Design District studio also offers weekly updates and regular design events to keep members connected and informed. They also allow any business mail or shipments to be delivered to the studio if a member does not want to give out their home address to clients and suppliers.


We've heard nothing but positive feedback from Design District Studio members and affiliates. Kudos are certainly in order to Danisha Drury and Donna Morrison for making this wonderful resource available, thank you ladies!



Danisha Dury


Design Studio 061


The Design District Studio is located at 1826 Government St, Victoria, BC V8T 4N5 - PH (250) 590-8598




Ivan Meade is a local designer and principal of Meade Design Group, a multidisciplinary interior and graphic design studio in the heart of downtown Victoria – www.meadedesigngroup.com

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Jessica Weber said...

Very cool
That's something the local freelance graphic designer's desperately need too.

debra @ 5th and state said...

sheer brilliance!


Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Sounds like a great resource, especially for small, individual owner and home based companies that can't possibly have the space at home.

Echo said...

It does seem like such a terrific resource for smaller firms, I'm glad to see that it is doing so well!

Brillante Interiors said...

Brilliant idea, we all need support.
It seems to me that Victoria is way ahead of Vancouver in many ways...

Unknown said...


Great post with our economy in a "not so happy place" here in California this is a great opportunity for new graduates of the trade to start small, stay steady, and build slowly over time. Great place to arrange for meetups and learn new software and smartphone techniques for success. Wow so much potential!


Tracey Ayton Photography said...

How awesome is that? What a great concept! I agree with Brilliant Interiors that Victoria is WAY more ahead of Vancouver in more ways than this.