Sunday, 8 May 2011

Eye Candy of the Week – Molecule Door Knob





Molecule Door Knob



Sherle Wagner



Modern Hardware, Levers, Knobs and Pulls



Back Plate in Polished Nickel



Unfortunately, there is not much information about this ultra cool door knob collection.  I just found it randomly on the web and I fall immediately in love with its design.  An anonymous piece with a really big memorability factor.


This door knob is very edgy but has an elegance to it.  I would love to use the Molecule door knob in a beautiful Art Deco inspired custom cabinet made with Senegal Ebony wood, or to making an entrance really shine.


Where will you use this door knob?



Addictively Delicious!!!

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Karena said...

Ivan this is amazing!! A stunning piece!



Art by Karena

Brillante Interiors said...

It is not just beautiful, it looks also easy to use if of the right proportions. Form and function!

Glamour Drops said...

This is stunning! Although, not sure how it would actually work...I guess it makes sense in real life.

I can think of several projects where I could use this ~ from Deco inspired to glamour pads.

Echo said...

Very cool!

I agree with Blue Fruit - it could be very cersatile, but if I had to pick one application it might be a very glam dressing room!

Barbara Matson said...

Stunning! I love all your interviews! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I was floored and flattered! I do a weekly interview as well where I interview talented Canadian designers and bloggers! Maybe I could interview you????

Thanks for the comment on the mirror, it is my Homesense find for $39. Mr hodge:podge with all his feung shui doesn't like the mirror - but you can guess who won that battle!


Thanks! Barbara,

It will be my pleasure to be interviewed by your blog :)

Marcus Design said...

Hi Ivan, a HUGE thanks for passing by my blog yesterday, I really appreciate it!! When I saw this door knob my heart skipped a beat, because I am actually a molecular biologist by day :) I need this knob!
Nancy xo