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One of our favourite interns of all time, Vanessa Lloyd, will be one of the knowledgeable guides responsible for showing you a side of Victoria you have never seen before.   If you want a great adventure in Victoria BC, or you have guests from out of town and want to learn something new about your city while supporting the AIBC  (Architectural Institute of British Columbia) this will be a great opportunity.  Vanessa, amongst other design enthusiasts, will be a tour guide for The Architectural Walking Tours this summer.  This year they will have six stunning architectural perspectives of Victoria:


1.- Inner Harbour – Victoria’s famous waterfront

Experience the magnificent golden age of Victoría’s downtown Inner Harbour and surrounding areas.  Explore the heritage of this once central public space and learn about the many changes that have taken place throughout the history of this relatively young city.





2.- Fort Victoria – A city and its stronghold

Learn about the development of Victoria, from a small Hudson’s Bay
Company fur-trading fort to the provincial capital it is today. Follow the
outline of the fort walls along Government Street, and learn about the
architectural conservation and re-use strategies employed over time.
Explore Bastion Square, once the heart of Victoria’s legal community,
and Wharf Street, the city’s original “Commercial Row” converted into
residential and commercial spaces.



Board & Trade Building


3.- Chinatown – Canada’s oldest

Explore public plazas and back alleys from Yates Street to Waddington
Alley and Johnson Street, the heart of Old Town. Inspect surrounding
examples of circa-1880 architecture, Market Square, and Fan Tan Alley.
Learn about the culture, social, and architectural history of Canada’s
oldest Chinatown, and discover the gems found along Douglas Street
including the Hudson’s Bay Company Store, City Hall and Centennial

China Town


4.- Ecclesiastical – Faithful buildings

Enjoy a brisk walk featuring Victoria’s rich legacy of religious
architecture. Visit the city’s two cathedrals and Canada’s oldest surviving
syngogue. See how historical events have shaped and changed the look
and feel of some of Victoria’s most impressive buildings.

See what remains of a pioneer cemetery and stroll through the grounds
of early 19th century buildings of worship. The sheer size and massing of
these buildings is enough to make you want to learn more.

This tour includes several other landmark public buildings and presents
a great opportunity to learn about traditional architectural styles and
how they have been integrated into Victoria’s modern designs.



St. Andrew Cathedral


5.- Art Deco/Modern – A snapshot of influencial art

In the 1920’s, Victoria architects embraced the stylized, geometric Art
Deco and Style Moderne, the latests trends emanating from Paris and
New York. Discover how these styles suited new building types and
businesses, and how they altered traditional approaches to the use of
stone, marble and concrete. This tour includes a look at some of the
city’s innovative banks, office buildings, motels and residences, as
well as the Inner Harbour’s landmark Information Centre Tower.



Art Deco Building – Beacon Hill Park


6.- James Bay – A small town within a large city

Discover James Bay, Canada’s oldest residential neighbourhood on
the West Coast. Learn about the historic homes of some of Victoria’s
most influential residents, dating back to the days of colonial

Explore houses built in architectural styles from Queen Anne
Cottages to Arts & Crafts, many of which have been designated as
Provincial Heritage sites. Nearing Beacon Hill Park, you’ll find Emily
Carr House, the childhood home of the famed B.C. artist and writer



Emily Carr House


For more information please check  the online brochure below:



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