Friday, 26 July 2013

CONDESEO – A logo concept

Earlier this year we were invited to brand what has become the most important Gynecology Congress in San Luis Potosí, México – CONDESEO ( National Congress for Safe Pregnancy and Obstetric Emergencies).  This is the first time a congress of this magnitude was presented in Mexico, and even though the logo work was pro-bono (as it was a non-profit event), it was also a great opportunity to support my brother Dr. Paulo Meade Treviño who was the executive president for CONDESEO, it was also inspiring to design something that was going to be heavily featured in my home country.   He wanted a new and contemporary image that could represent the event and showcase the state of  modern medicine in México.  When he completed my creative brief for the logo I was actually surprised to see that he wanted something new, fresh and different.  - “Please don’t give me another logo with a mother and child” (apparently this is the standard in the industry).


After we discussed the direction for the logo/brand for the congress I was very fortunate to be given carte blanche to design the graphic identity for the event.




Here are the thoughts behind the logo:


1.- First of all, we wanted to convey a message of communication as this was going to be the first opportunity to discuss this particular topic, also, all the best Gynecologists from México and Latin-America were reuniting for the congress.

2.- We wanted to use colours that represented the city where the congress was going to be held – San Luis Potosi, México – We got the inspiration from the colour that you can see when the sky sets at the end of the day.  The skies of my hometown are famous for these hues

3.- To maintain the simplicity we used an organic form and reproduced it 3 times, reducing its size to convey the Mother, the Doctor, and the Child while the interactions/transparencies and changes  in colour represent the meaning of their relationships, the smallest element, which is an oval figure represents – Life and the  moment of birth. 

4.- For the typographical solution we used a font from the Zag family to playfully arrange the text in a block using uppercase lettering to represent the importance of the event.  The softness and roundness of the typography was selected to add a friendlier atmosphere.


This congress was held last week and it has been considered the best congress ever held in the field.   I just want to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of my brother for organizing CONDESEO and  setting the bar so high and for inviting us to participate. 


I invite you to see a quick video of the congress and the branding elements used throughout.  From banners, to pins, and informational brochures, etc.



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Karena said...

Hi Ivan how great to see this side of your business in action! You indeed have an impressive team and an important brother to be proud of!

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Echo said...

Very cool to see it all happening!!! Impressive :)