Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Echito’s Bridal Shower – a very pink celebration!

Echito is getting married – and Meade Design Group wanted to send her into married life with a fabulous bridal shower party! After all, she does deserve it, she always leaves comments on my blog (lol)

The theme (of course,) was pinks and corals presented in an elegant manner with napkins, floral arrangements and yummy yummy desserts.

We enjoyed good company, tasty cocktails, some silly and naughty games (such as pin the junk on the hunk, a toilet paper wedding dress contest and Toilet Paper and Stick – don’t ask) and of course a traditional Mexican meal lovingly prepared by moi .

The menu was:

  • Avocado cream soup with Tequila and Watermelon.
  • Mandarin and Blackberry on Spring Greens with Mango and Cilantro Dressing and Caramelized Pecans.
  • Agnolotti in Chiplote and Gouda Sauce.
  • Saltspring Island Goat Cheese & Port Salut Cheese Platter.
  • OOh La La Cupcakes and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.
  • A delicious Naughty Cake specially made for the occasion.

Please enjoy the pictures below of the safe-for-blog festivities that went into the wee hours!

Echito's Bridal Party - Exhibition X 038

Coral floral arrangements with a mix of gerberas and roses by local talent Tara McHugh perfectly adorned our table set for 12.

Echito's Bridal Party - Exhibition X 056

Delicious cupcakes from OOh La La in “Just Vanilla” with pink sprinkles and “Pink Ballerina” with pink icing to fit our theme.

Echito's Bridal Party - Exhibition X 057

The glamorous finished table ready for guests and a yummy meal.

Echito's Bridal Party - Exhibition X 016

Another one of Tara’s beautiful arrangements complimented our Asian cabinet and Fornasetti plates.

Echito's Bridal Party - Exhibition X 018

The re-vamped entrance with a plum blossom branch right from Tara’s own front yard.

Echito's Bridal Party - Exhibition X 051

Each guest was welcomed with a freesia corsage on their place setting to wear for the event.

Echito's Bridal Party - Exhibition X 047

I bugged innocent Echito for weeks that I will get her a real bubble butt stripper for the event. Even after going to the most dark places in Victoria and was almost successful, I was unable to obtain one. So, we presented her with this stripper themed cake from Passion for Cakes - Yum! and of course we had to brand the cake (lol) Echito was relieved and enjoyed the cake more than she thought she would have enjoyed the stripper!

echito's bridal and exhibition 014

Echito serving up the naughty cake – raspberry with vanilla frosting, yum! (Of course she had to eat the bubble-bum piece all to herself!) You can also see another special decoration in the shot - the horse mural in the background was given a pink unicorn horn for the occasion to promote fertility and good will in the couples futures.

echito's bridal and exhibition 036

Here I am as the bartender extraordinaire – mixing yummy pink drinks for the event such as the “Silk Stocking” and Raspberry Champagne Cocktails which the ladies (including Jeff and myself ) enjoyed. Love is in the details I even wore a pink shirt for Echito.

echito's bridal and exhibition 054

New sexy mama Sarita had to leave early to feed Sadie, but it was great she was able to come and celebrate with us.

echito's bridal and exhibition 112

The self-proclaimed “Team Experience” (Bobbie, Tanis, and Echo’s mom Sharon) working on their dress design for the toilet paper bride contest. Their final design? “The Reverse Mullet”; a mini-dress “party in the front” and elegant train for “business in the back”.

echito's bridal and exhibition 124

The final designs modelled by (from left to right) LindsO, Courtney and Tanis.

echito's bridal and exhibition 127

The final event of the evening was the passing of the “Bride-to-Be” tiara from Echito to Christina, who will be getting married in September.

Overall, a fabulous evening was had by all – best of luck to Echo and Nic on their wedding on May 16th!

Tara McHugh Flora -


Passion for Cakes

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Echito said...

Oh yo yo yo yo - what a fabulous celebration it was!

I am so loved!!!!


DesignTies said...

Looks like the party was a blast!! You really put a lot of work into planing and organizing, Ivan. The flowers are beautiful, the cupcakes look yummy.... and that bubble-butt stripper cake is CLASSIC!!!! :-)


Julio Muao said...

What a fun and elegant celebration. I especially love the cake! such sweet cheeks.

Christina Stack said...

OMG Hilarious pictures! Echito is just about the sweetest girl there is - and is so lucky to have such a wonderful and talented friend to throw such a FABULOUS bash - seriously - amazing company, food, drinks, decor! Loved it folks! xoxo

Bobbie said...

What an amazing pink party for Echito! Ivan you really know how to make a girl feel like a princess! And you really know how to throw a gala event! Your gourmet dinner was delicious, Tara's flower arrangements were gorgeous and brought the promise of summer into the studio -- and Corina's cake brought the cheekiness we were all waiting for! The naughty games were a lot of fun too (until I realized we were being video taped!).
We all had such a blast, and I'm so excited to share in the big celebration of Echo's upcoming wedding day!

Michelle said...

Congratulations Echo!! I wish you the sunniest day.

As for the party...well...amazing!! Nice planning...and I love the tp dresses!

Best to Echo,

Anonymous said...

Gerber daisies and cupcakes. Love it!


Daniella said...

That cake is so funny! lol...

Dale said...

Congratulations to Echo!
(and wow...I wish we had parties like that at my work!)

Koo and Poppet said...

It was such a classy event...I am sad I had to leave early and missed the dress design contest!
the food was fabulous, the junk was plentiful, and the colour scheme exquisite!!!
Congrats Echito, you will make a stunning bride :)

xo Sarita

p.s. I heart that photo of you making martinis, Ivan!

qerat said...

You always have the best time. I wish you all the best of luck and to always be happy

Echo, congratulations. Best of luck to you. You look great in the tiara

Echito said...

Thank you so much to everyone for all of the well wishes!!! It's coming so fast and I am getting very excited!

Maria Killam said...

Talk about a glam table, that is right out of Eddie Ross!! Love how you documented this event! So entertaining! Love your blog Ivan!

Miss T said...

I would not put it past you Ivan To put together such a gorgeous event!!!

I wish you all the Best Echito and I hope you do a blog entry on the actual wedding day Ivan!!

Miss you guys!
Miss T

Velvet and Linen said...

Beautiful and fun!
Thank you for taking us along!
Happy weekend, Ivan.


Brillante Interiors said...

Sweet and beautiful Echito... I wish you all the best for your new life. TANTI AUGURI!

Ivan...when do you find the time to do work, conduct business, blogging, interviewing, create art,everything with perfect style, and even searching for male strippers? When do you sleep?!

Unknown said...

Hi Ivan
What a wonderful shower you prepared for the lovely Echito!! Your Mexican menu sounds delicous and the event looks like it was both beautiful and fun. What a great combination.
Congratulations to you Echito.


Of course I had to spoiled Echito - She is the best! and also she always leaves comments in my blog.

Thanks to all for your comments.