Thursday, 9 April 2009

Running with Scissors Studio Amazing Gift

Yesterday Running with Scissors Studio was our last appointment of the day and I have to say that it became a wonderful surprise when we received beautiful thank you gifts from Delores and Andrew, our clients. We received a stunning pillow and a box of Bernard Callebaut Chocolate Truffles that I don’t want to share!

rwss 063

Delores is an amazing artist and she custom-made and designed a very sophisticated pillow for us with Black Kravet Couture Crushed Velvet and Pewter Silk complete with beautiful embellishments such as Silk Shibori Ribbon, a beautiful Kravet Trim, and an image of my favourite photograph in the studio printed on cotton and framed with two layers of Silk Piping. Even the sides of the pillow are perfectly detailed with Pewter Silk and Silver clasps with silk ribbon.

rwss 068

Of course we had to place the pillow in the best seat in the studio Greg’s Barcelona Chair. All the details in the pillow blend perfectly with the studio.

rwss 062

I honestly got goose bumps – I was not expecting a present at all – but I am glad I did! We have been working with Andrew & Delores to develop the branding and the design for their new business Running with Scissors Studio – Art Quilting Supplies. This project was comprised of logo adjustments, a stationary package and promotional materials as well as our first e-commerce site.

All of Running with Scissors Studio printing materials were printed on 100% Post consumer waste fibre as part of their commitment to incorporate environmentally responsible and sustainable practices into their business processes.

RWSS 2 005 Stationary Package

RWSS 2 007 Business Card

RWSS 2 006


RWSS 2 008

Package Label

I invite you to visit their new website and to spread the word about their new business.




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Running with Scissors Studio - The Blog said...

We feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Ivan, Jeff and the rest of the Meade Design team on this project. They have our sincerest thanks for all of their efforts and hard work.
Thanks for the mention Ivan, you've made our week!

katiedid said...

Lucky you! Jealous me! Such a great pillow and your STUDIO! Wonderful!

echito said...

It truly is a beautiful gift and it really was a pleasure working with them on this project. I think you should also be proud as a business of the work you did for them - bravo!

DesignTies said...

Wow, that's a great and very thoughtful gift :-) Looks like it found the perfect home on the Barcelona Chair :-)


Brillante Interiors said...

You have done a great job! Stylish Logo, website layout... thanks for introducing Running with Scissors to me, I will also follow their Blog.
Buona Pasqua.

Michelle said...

How thoughtfull! Your work is really great Ivan; beautiful business identity for a great client.

Unknown said...

What a stunning pillow and your graphics are equally stunning!!! Well done.
Thanks for the Easter wishes and wishing you the same. Have a great long weekend.
All the Best to you

qerat said...

Beautiful pillow
beautiful artwork for the stationary
When 2 gifted people meet this is what you get, beauty and perfection

custardbydesign said...

thats a stunning pillow indeed - it looks fantastic on your chair...

i liked the IKEA post previusly also...

don't you think IKEA produce some amazing ranges now - their almost verging on the boutique-esque vibe with some of their products... which is great to see that the masses can afford and achieve that look.... but then where does that leave the boutique-esque style for us as designers...

where to now for our clients...

Cynthia said...

wait, where did the photo come from?! it's fabulous!


The lady in the picture is Salma Hayek - She did a photo shot for Vanity Fair years ago. I loved the picture and I frame it.