Saturday, 10 April 2010

Eye Candy of the Weekend – Continue Time by Sander Mulder

image It's now... 3 hours, 54 minutes and 32 seconds.


imageIt's now... 3 hours, 55 minutes and 7 seconds.


image Timeless



Continue Time



Sander Mulder



Aluminum - Messing.



Made in a worldwide limited edition of 40 pcs + 1 artist proof.



During the Salone del Mobile 2010 in Milan, Dutch designer Sander Mulder exhibits his latest design, the Continue Time, a kinetic artwork and fully functional clock. 


While creating mesmerizing patterns on your wall the pointers of this clock are still read similar to a traditional clock. The widest pointer ( attached to the clockwork ) shows the hours, the medium sized pointer ( attached to the hour pointer ) shows the minutes, the smallest pointer ( attached to the minute pointer ) shows the seconds.            – Sander Mulder





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qerat said...

Complex it is. It would take me an hour to know the time :) But I still love it and would buy it.

Echito said...

Complex indeed!!! I think I would need to learn how to tell time all over again! That being said, it is super cool, and reads really well with mid-century modern furnishings like in the vignette.

Laura Abigail said...

Whoa.... complicated :D