Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!!!

In the last few years, my childhood memories  of chocolate eggs has become more prominent.  I have not celebrate Easter in my home town for many many years, but I always said that I have never seen such a beautiful chocolate eggs than the ones are made in my home town of San Luis Potosí, México.   


Of course when I was a child I didn’t care about the looks , I just wanted to eat them.  I remember biting the sugar flowers one by one and eating the tiny anis candy caramels inside them.  My grandfather used to say slowly because you are not in a hurry…


Huevo-3 Costanzo Chocolate Egg # 4


Today I woke up  thinking in these chocolate eggs and I was lucky enough to find the website of the 80 year old chocolate company that made these wonderful creations – Costanzo. I was really happy to see that they are still making these chocolate creations with the same care and tradition as when I was younger. 


These company is all about tradition, their slogan is still the same even if it is a bit odd by today’s standards… “Más Dulces que los Dulces Besos de la Novia” which it means “Sweeter than the Sweetest Girlfriend Kisses”.  I always get a kick out of this phrase.


Huevo-1 Costanzo Chocolate Egg # 3





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Susan said...

Those chocolate eggs look too pretty to eat.
Personally I think I'm on my way to a chocolate hangover tomorrow:)
Happy Easter

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Happy, happy Easter!

Jeffito said...

It's great to see that the tradition of the local chocolate company is still strong in places like Mexico.
There's something special about savouring a piece of chocolate that has been made the same for decades.

qerat said...

Happy Easter Ivan

Beautiful eggs and right too good to eat

Brillante Interiors said...

I am in Milan stuffing my face with all the chocolate eggs I can find around, big tradition here too, with elaborate sugar decorations and surprises inside.
Loved your post. Besos.

Echito said...

Mmmmmm I bet they taste as good as they look, very pretty!

I should have tried to find some for you while I was down there!!!!