Friday, 21 May 2010

I’m Late For Dinner! - Benavides y Camino





Installation by Benavides y Camino


One of my very first entries on my blog back in 2007 was about the re-discovery of my very talented furniture designer relatives from Spain.   - THE DESIGN GENE


Phillippine and Inés are the creative minds behind Benavides y Camino. Their talent has been proved over the years and they have become a strong design force in Europe.  With a voice of their own and a dialogue through their designs today Benavides y Camino is sending a new and evocative message.  Always thinking forward; their furniture pieces are ahead of their time, but yet they have a memorable and timeless quality.


This morning I received an email from Inés in which they were presenting this installation for the prestigious “Casa Decor”  show home hosted in an XVIII century palace in downtown Madrid.  The 12,000 sq ft residence was completely revamped by 120 design professionals and over 300 exhibitors.  This is the 43rd edition that designers have been asked to redecorate a space in “Casa Decor” and it is one of the most important design events in Spain.


Their colourful interpretation of the servant's quarters was created in only five days and it is truly unique and original.


Entitled “I’m late for dinner” this installation contains hand painted murals of the butler, the daughter and the home owner which bring the space to life.  All of the pieces are part of Benavides y Camino’s new collection (aside from the antique stove).



Philippine, Inés & Ana


Since my last post Ana, another cousin has joined the team.  I was very excited to see her picture. Ana is the only relative I have had the opportunity to meet in person on that side of the family.  I have great memories about her and I going thorough the markets of Mexico and giving her a tour of my home town.


I am the proudest and furthest away relative that they have.


I invite you to visit their website and support their work at:



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Unknown said...


What a great post in love and support of talent, admiration, and family. It raises emotions and pride is heightened when the art world is involved.

Professional level talent is in the DNA of many who have worked, diligently, adhearing to standards they believe in.
How exciting for everyone!

I have generations of family in La Coruna, Spain.


qerat said...

I have to meet them, I really do.
Looked at their website and pieces. It's like we sit and design together.

Karena said...

Wonderful art and design Ivan! Very interesting and exciting works!

Art by Karena

Echo said...

It's so great that you are still in touch and have this great family connection. Their pieces are really cool, and what an honour for them to be included in this project!