Thursday, 31 July 2008

Eye Candy of the Week

Product: Object d'Art / Sculpture
Artist: Alvaro Cuevas
Artist Website:
Material: Bronze

Yummy Factor: Full-Bodied !

Alquimista #4
Object d' Art by Mexican Artist Alvaro Cuevas

Elefantemanus #1
Object d' Art by Mexican Artist Alvaro Cuevas

The creations in The Animal-manus and The Time Alchemists collections which multidisciplinary mexican artist Alvaro Cuevas has assembled for his most reasent pieces of art, mirror the perfect fusion between the artistic quality of the creative laboratory of the artist, and the playful, fantasy quality that Cuevas brings to each of his work pieces.

The balance between expression and function, the studied combination of materials like bronze usual themes, and the magic of the unexpected that Cuevas is known for, make these pieces truly original objects d' art that, over and above their decorative potential, awaken a sense of fantasy in the beholder.

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Thursday, 24 July 2008

From Concept to Reality

I always had the idea that I wanted to have unique elements in my studio, elements that inspired me every day and elements that reflected my passion in life as an interior designer in Victoria B.C. Something that set me apart from my colleagues and something that also represents my personal taste in the environment where I work.

When I was planing the new studio for Meade Design Group I had this wall that needed something really special, because it is the wall closest to my desk area and it is the only wall that you can see from the street. I went through an infinite amount of wallpaper books trying to find something cool but nothing was speaking to me.

I have always loved horses, their energy and their beauty are so strong and dynamic and I also have always had a passion for the printmaking techniques (engravings, lithographies, serigraphs, mono prints, mono types, etc). One day I thought a horse etching would look amazing on that wall. The idea to conceive this mural or the concept was far from reality - I found a wall paper from Fronasetti that was close to my vision but still lacking what I was looking for.

One day Michelle from Wolfe Decorative Arts came by my studio to introduce a sample of their work. Faux finishes, plaster finishes, gold and silver leaf applications, even concrete-like finishes. All sorts of those old world products that we are losing every day. I was really impressed with their quality and a thought came to mind. I asked Michelle, do you think you could make a blown up version of a horse etching in one of my walls. Her answer was "YES" we do everything and we do it well. I thought that is a confident woman and proud of her work. So I told her well, I have this concept and idea in my mind. I showed her a book I had with horse etchings from the XVI century. She said - Yes, definitely. Well I said I would love to see a sample proof before. After all it was the first time I met her. Michele asked me to photocopy the etching and a week later I got a sample and I was so impressed. It looked beautiful. I had to say let's do it.

Today with this entry you can see that you can always bring a concept to reality. Maybe you have to wait for the right team but, If you find it you can definitely create something really special.

John Wolfe was the master painter that did my mural and in the photos below you can see the process. John made the mural on a really large canvas that he prepared and painted with the exact color of my walls and he was used the same black I used to paint my doors as the image colour. He patiently painted the horse line by line to achieve the etching look.

In this picture you can see the mural and the photocopy of the old engraving I gave them as my idea.

Here you can see John painting and doing his magic in the mural - You can really see the size of the mural relating to his size. The mural took him almost a month from initial sketching to completion. You can also see in the left bottom corner the sample he did initially for me to see.

Installation Day - The mural was being applied just like wall paper, it was also cut and trimmed in place to fit my walls perfectly.

Here is the end result. I wish the printer was not on my office storage unit but unfortunately we need it for our everyday work.


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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Eye Candy of the Week

Product: Armoir
Designer: Patrick Naggar

Maker: Ralph Pucci
Yummy Factor: Sweet!

Patrick Elie Naggar is a French artist, architect and designer who received his degree in Architecture (UPLCI) from the Ecole des Beaux Arts and a Masters degree in Urban Studies from the University of Paris. Naggar considers architecture as a central knowledge, encompassing interior design, furniture design a catalyst of the ideas, forms, plastic and artistic trends in order to create objects and spaces for our environment in the spirit of our times.

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Monday, 14 July 2008

From one Victoria to Another

One of the things I really enjoy about our world today is how global we are. One day I found a set of lost cousins that design cool furniture in Spain, the other day I ordered a piece of furniture from Finland or in this case I bought a print made in Victoria, Australia and I got it delivered to my home town Victoria, British Columbia. It really amazed me how close and how far we are.

The other day Sarah asked me - Have you ever been to Etsy? What's Etsy I asked? Sarah said - Oh! my you definitely have too look in there. It is a website where you can find anything you want. It's like an Ebay but even better, the prices are fixed and you can find really hidden gems. Well after getting this advice from my favorite pregnant mama Sarita I could not miss the opportunity to check out this new site. Well I got really really addicted to the site and I found real gems indeed!. I was looking for inexpensive but cool art for a project and I found even a piece for myself.

Yesterday my print arrived in beautiful packaging and a personal note. Please see my great find below as well as some information about the artist Bridget Farmer.

Bridget Farmer relocated to Melbourne from northern Ireland in 2007 to undertake a Masters of Fine Art (Printmaking) at RMIT. With a background in drawing, jewelery design and silver smithing. Farmer turned to etching as her preferred area of practice following the completion of an APW course in printmaking. Farmer was struck by the variety and number of birds in Australia, which has led to her current series of miniature hard ground etchings depicting native Australian birds.

Here are some of my favorite Etsy shops:

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Saturday, 12 July 2008

Future Forecast

Insects are the new guests in these warm days of summer. Dragonflies, bees, butterflies, beetles, ants, arachnids, lady bugs and more. Anthropoids have come out of their winter seclusion to bring a new sense of style. Why don't you grab a net and capture some insects this season?

Butterflies by Justine Smith

Dynastidae by Insect Lab

"Farfalle" by Piero Fornasetti

June Meadow Glasses by Kate Spade

Ant Chair by Arne Jacobsen

Odonata by Insect Lab

Ant'ique Wallpaper by Gam plus Fratesi

June Lane Silver China by Kate Spade

Chandelier by Bodo Sperlein [Lladró]

Butterfly Damask Plate by Rosie Simmons

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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Eye Candy of the Week

Product: The Fantasy Collection
Designer: Jaime Hayon
Designers Website:
Material: Porcelain

Maker: Lladró
Yummy Factor: Addictive !

The creations in The Fantasy collection which Jaime Hayon has designed for Lladró, mirror the perfect fusion between the artistic quality of the Spanish porcelain brand and the playful, fantasy quality the designer brings to his works. The balance between expression and function, the studied combination of Lladró’s usual themes and the magic of the unexpected that Hayon is known for, make these pieces truly original objects that, over and above their decorative potential, awaken a sense of fantasy in the beholder. - Hayon Studio -

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Friday, 4 July 2008

Only Human has moved ! Check it out

Only Human has NEW digs in the city. If you are a design fan of Moooi, Johnathan Adler, Marcel Wanders, custom wood work or reveling in new upcoming local talent you definitely need to visit Only Human's new home in Market Square.

Pig Table by Moooi

Local cabinet maker Chris Rothery and enthusiastic design diva Christina Stack have created a really unique space in the heart of The Design District. People often complain that Victoria doesn't have anything NEW, well Only Human is bringing something really unique to you.

So Green - So Cool !

OnlyHuman Furniture is a visionary company specializing in custom designed and manufactured furniture from the finest woods including engineered bamboo, one of the world's most environmentally-friendly building materials. Even when working with traditional woods, OnlyHuman focuses on reducing the environmental impact.

Giraffe Lamp by Jonathan Adler

Lamp by Moooi

Imaginative by Design

I make objects that people love to look at, that capture their imagination — and bring something that poses a question or evokes a mood, or suggests a notion.” - Chris Rothery

White vase by Moooi

Your mission for this weekend...

If you don't have anything else to do this weekend why you don't go and visit Only Human?

Custom coffee table design by Only Human

533 Pandora Avenue.
Market Square

250.383.only (6659)

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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Icons of Design - Hervé Van der Straeten

Hervé Van der Straeten

Sketches by Hervé Van der Straeten
photograph by Francoise Spikermeier

Hervé Van der Straeten is a live icon of design today, a jewelry designer, furniture designer, industrial designer, and overall a gallery owner of his own Object d'Art pieces.

Each piece that he designs carries a sense of uniqueness and its uniqueness brings a sense of alchemy that always enhances a room in any of his forms of design .

His pieces are memorable and one of a kind.
Van der Straeten signature stool - a podlike seat that can be left gleamingly metallic or encased in lacquers that give it the look of a giant candy brings something unexpected to any room.

He used to create jewelry for Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix after he dropped out of the engineering program at the the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. The work of Hervé Van der Straeten is characterised by its intensity, eclecticism & bold shapes.

Van der Straeten is dedicated to preserving the tradition of fine european craftsmanship, each of his pieces requires a group of 4 or more different craftsmen to achieve his vision. His own designs can be seen today in the Elysée palace.

Galerie Van der Straeten
11, rue Ferdinand-Duval
75004 Paris.
Tél. : 01 42 78 99 99.

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