Saturday, 28 June 2008

Happy B-day Bespoke !!!

Bespoke - tailored home comforts is celebrating their 1st Birthday in Victoria, B.C. and to make this anniversary more memorable we have decided to do a small homage.

Bespoke is an interior design boutique offering beautiful bedding, furniture, window treatments, and lighting. As well as special pieces from local artists and exclusive resources from around the globe.

Heather Draper and Jonalyn Simmons are truly passionate about design, and you can see their efforts in their beautiful store in Market Square.

Unique pieces and a great understanding of design goes a big way when you visit this stunning interior design boutique.

Well what else can I say - I am big fan !

517 Pandora Ave.
Victoria, BC V8W 3C6
T: 250 298 1105

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Eye Candy of the Week

Product: Disk Poltrona
Designer: Karim Rashid
Designers Website:
Material: Fibre Glass / Vetroresina
Dimentions: Seat high cm 28. dim. cm. 108x112 H. cm. 73

Yummy Factor: Hot !

I just love the simplicity and the volume of this chair.

So voluptuous ! So sexy!

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Friday, 27 June 2008

Icons of Design - Maurice Renoma

Maurice Renoma is a decorator, fashion designer,
photographer, stylist and owner of several successful and unique boutique businesses in Paris.

Renoma was considered the main force in the yé-yé movement in Paris and he has always distinguished himself from other designers with lines of resolutely avant-garde clothes . Today his new furniture pieces are becoming the new classics in France. Unusual, outstanding, or "out of phrase" items confined to a space where antique and contemporary are to be found side by side where tradition and innovation come together.

His start in the sixties and seventies left a staple in the world of fashion, in the nineties his surrealistic photography brought something fresh and unique. In the two thousands Maurice Renoma translated his philosophy and his photography to his furniture and accessory line and when he opened his latest venture in Paris, The Renoma Gallery Café, he was already a household name.

Below are some of his products that caught my eye.

Renoma Café Gallery 32 Avenue George V, Paris 8e
(I highly recommend Renoma's Café Gallery website to see his pieces in context)

Maurice Renoma Furniture pieces are available at

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Monday, 23 June 2008

Victoria's Top 10 Sofas

Looking for the perfect sofa for your home? Shopping in the beautiful garden city of Victoria BC? Well, here are ten great options as recommended by the design team at Meade Design Group. We invite you to sit back and enjoy our virtual shopping experience.

1.- The Moooi sofa is super sleek and contemporary.

Moooi Boutique New York Sofa
Designed by Marcel Wanders

Available locally at

2.- The Milton sofa showcases elegant curve lines and an understated simplicity.

Milton Sofa
Designed by Candice Olsen
Available locally at

3.- A traditional look featuring soft lines

Elle Ivory
Available locally at

4.- A classic tuxedo style.

Landen Sofa
Locally available at

5.- This Settee is a smaller scale sofa and is perfect for any space featuring an eclectic style with visual attitude.

Jezebel Settee
Available locally at

6.- A classic mid-century modern design that can mix with any décor.

Florence Knoll Settee in Cream Leather
Available locally at

7.- A comfortable and light piece that will read perfect in any traditional space.

Emily Sofa

Designed by Sarah Richardson
Available locally at

8.- The Goetz sofa complements contemporary, informal lifestyles while echoing Herman Miller's classic heritage.

Goetz Sofa
Designed by Mark Goetz
Available locally at

9.- A sophisticated and elegant piece that will always reflect a timeless design.

Chloe Sofa
Designed by Sarah Richardson
Available locally at

10.- A Transitional sofa, the Domino shown in luxurious leather, is handcrafted in Italy and available in multiple configurations.

Domino Sofa
Available locally by

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Friday, 20 June 2008

Eye Candy of the Week

Product: Silver Thread Fine China
Designer: Hermès
Material: Bone China
Yummy Factor: C'est delicioux !

Clean and elegant, Silver Thread by Hermès hides a secret. Marrying the opulence of silver with its scrupulous designs, Hermes has defied the world's expectations for luxurious china.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Fresh Talent

Last Sunday, I decided to go for a walk to the Government Street Market in search of something new and luckily I found The Rope Doctor - Donald P.Allen.

Donald's doormats in manila rope, cotton turk's bracelets, and the hand tied glass fishing floats are just stunning. I am considering the idea to use one of his custom designs on my deck. The quality of his work is definately present in each knot.

People often complain that Victoria doesn't have cool and unique items.
Donald's incredible handcrafted pieces are as cool and unique as they come. He is bringing a lost art back to Victoria and I for one, am ready to embrace it.

For more information and other neat items please visit
The Rope Doctor

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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Eye Candy of the Week

Product: Tormenta di Vetro
Designer: Christian Ghion
Designers Website:
Material: Vase medium clear glass with black filaments
Technique: Filigrana & Somerso
Diameter: 12.25 "
Manufacture: Salviati
Yummy Factor: C'est magnifique !

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Thursday, 12 June 2008

My Design Guru

Thank you very much to all the readers that have submitted questions for My Design Guru. We have selected the first question and it is coming from Barbara from Cumberland, BC, Canada.

Hello Design Guru,

Could you please recommend a colour palette for our livingroom/kitchen, which have recently become one room (we recently removed the dividing wall). The entire area is roughly 15’x30’ with 11’ high ceilings – so not a very large area. I’m hoping the painted walls will help to make the room seem larger, open and bright. We have taupe-green furniture and thinking about getting cedar-coloured kitchen cabinets.

Thanks so much!



Dear Barbara,

Thank you very much for submitting your question and pictures. To achieve the look you are going for I am recommending a soothing cool colour palette. The combination of pale blues and greens will create the open airy feeling you are looking for. I would recommend high baseboards and a picture rail to add architectural detail to the room.

A neutral off white will be perfect for all the trim in your home. A colour like Ancestral from Pratt & Lambert will bring subtle green tones to work with your furniture. The main colour for your walls should be a very neutralized green tone something like Fern Whisper also from Pratt & Lambert in flat finish (Accolade), this will work great with your sage furniture and has a chameleon like quality throughout the day and keeps with the soothing feeling you are creating.

Lastly I would drop your ceiling colour down to the picture rail (which should be installed at 9') in your 11' ceilings) and paint it out with a soft blue such as In Harmony from Pratt & Lambert in a flat finish. This will enhance the open feeling and was a technique used in Victorian and Edwardian Homes to emphasise the height of the ceilings and bring the outdoors in. This will work well with the cottage style of your home.

Barbara please send us pictures when your project is complete so we can show our readers the before and after.

Good luck with your renovation ! Your favorite Design Guru.

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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Icons of Design - Yves Saint Laurent

We were saddened recently to learn of the passing of Yves Saint Laurent. The Algerian born designer influenced style the world over and changed the way people dressed. He became an assistant to Christian Dior in 1954 and took over the design duties three years later. He created his own couture house in 1961. The creator of such fashion icons as the tuxedo, pantsuit, safari jacket and trench coat will be missed by many. The YSL brand conjures up images of dramatic elegance and jet-setting travel.

Yves Saint Laurent brought the transparency and the avant-garde to fashion. You can find the influence of transparency in the chandelier we found…

The iconic platform sandal represents a solid yet sexy forum for the emancipated woman to express her taste for self-assertiveness.

Water hyacinth pillows

Yves Saint Laurent took fashion to the streets with his Mondrian inspired dress.

The trench coat has spanned the globe for decades and remained a fashion staple. Yves Saint Laurent transformed the Military uniform into a garment of style and seduction.

The YSL brand has alwys signified luxury and style.

What could be more luxurious and decadent than leather embossed tiles?

Jet-setting travel has never been the same with Yves Saint Laurent’s safari jacket. The chic jungle look is always in style.

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Thursday, 5 June 2008

In Conversation with Barbara Barry

Doña Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry is among the world's most influential and talented designers. Barbara’s trademark can be found in her refined residential interiors and upscale restaurants around the world or in her tasteful line of products. Furniture for Baker, McGuire, Bloomingdales and Henderon, Fabrics for Kravet and HBF, area rugs for Blueridge and Tufenkian Carpets, china for Wedgewood, tiles for Ann Sack, bath products for Kallista, and her latest venture: home fragrances and candles.

Barbara has received numerous awards and honors, she was honored to become one of House Beautiful's "Giants of Design" and Elle Decor International "Designer of the Year". She has been inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame by Interior Design magazine, included in Architectural Digest's "AD 100", as well as House Beautiful's "100 Best Designers". Additionally, the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles awarded her its "Star of Design", and Traditional Home magazine named her "Designer of the Year"

On March 2008, I was invited to a private dinner with Barbara Barry at the Five Sails restaurant in the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver where I had the opportunity to meet her. Barbara Barry was invited to participate in the IDSWest show as a speaker and she kindly hosted a reception to say thank you to a small group of designers for supporting her products.

An Evening with Barbara Barry

Iván Meade - What is the best moment of your day?

Barbara Barry - First thing in the morning! I love when the first light is just coming in the window and there is the promise of another exciting day.

Barbara Barry's China by Wedgewood

Iván - What books do you have on your bedside table?

Barbara - John Adams, What Would the Buddha Say, Your Bouquet of Beautiful Things, Listening is an Act of Love, The Art of Growing Old.

Iván - What was your first experience with design?

Barbara - Being born.

Iván - Who would you like to design something for?

Barbara - Jewellery for Tiffany’s

Iván - What project has given you the most satisfaction?

Barbara - Designing fabrics for Kravet. It is the closest thing to painting and it reaches lots of people.

Fabrics & Wallpapers designed by Barbara Barry
Manufactured by

Pillows made with Barbara Barry's designs for Kravet Fabrics

Iván -Is there any designer and/or architect from the past, you appreciate a lot?

Barbara - I love the work of the architects Palladio and Lutyens. It gave us our foundation of design for the ages . I loved the decorating of John Dickinson.

Barbara Barry
Carpets by Tufenkian

Iván - and those still working?

Barbara - The British minimalist architect John Pawson and the Atlanta decorator Nancy Braithwaite.

Boxwood Café designed by Barbara Barry

Iván - What are you excited about right now in the world of design?

Barbara - Fabric and all the possibilities of construction and color.

Iván - What is your newest venture in design?

Barbara - My new home fragrance line! And next I will working on my first line of scarves. I love how design crosses over to fashion.

Home Fragrance Line by Barbara Barry

Iván - Lastly, you have already created a stunning body of work with many mediums and styles, what would you like your legacy to be?

Barbara - I would love to see my designs around for a long time because that would mean that they brought a lot of pleasure to people. I am so proud to be a woman working in the way I do and to make a mark in the annals of American design.

Interior Design by Barbara Barry

To see more of Barbara Barry's work please visit


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Celebrating 50 Blog Posts

Today we are celebrating 50 blog posts. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our blog readers for their support. Thank you so much for making Meade Design Group - The Blog a success.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed interviewing some of my design influences and finding cool and interesting "eye candies", "future forecasts" and other stories.

For this exceptional occasion I am posting a conversation with Doña Barbara Barry - Enjoy!

Yours truly,

Iván Meade
Principal Designer
Meade Design Group

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