Sunday, 29 November 2009

Eye Candy of the Week – Hillcrest Pickard China Pattern by Kelly Wearstler






Hillside Pattern – Pickcard  FIne  China by Kelly Wearstler



Pickard China



Kelly Wearstler



Bone China






At once modern and timeless, Hillcrest is a unique pattern evocative of sea anemones and the stylized florals of the 1920’s. The delicate linework and graceful forms are rendered in a soft metallic gold.



Bergdorf Goodman

Neiman Marcus



Sweet !!!



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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

In Conversation with Cobi Ladner


image Cobi Ladner


Cobi Ladner was the editor of Canadian House & Home magazine for over 15 years (beginning in 1992). During her time at the magazine, Cobi and her team catapulted it to the forefront of the Canadian design scene. Canadians look to the magazine for inspiration, tips, tricks and resources with trust and confidence; readers are both enthusiastic and loyal – and with good reason - Cobi is a true pioneer of interior design in Canada.

Cobi’s talent is well warranted; she holds a degree in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University.  Prior to her career at Canadian House & Home, she honed her editing skills at two of the countries largest magazines:  Chatelaine and Canadian Living. Currently she is also a board member of the Mississauga Living Arts Centre.

Cobi’s new venture is, where she not only promotes her design services, but also has developed a “Cobi Brand” – a style that is both “fun and personal”. This new company involves three facets, which is an excellent business model allowing cross-promotion and the makings of an empire. They consist of: cobi Comunications (a blog and website where fans can chat and be inspired, live appearances, and future plans of printed media), Cobi Creative (interior design services and events), and Cobi Collection (a line of comfortable, classic and chic home and lifestyle products).


Iván Meade - What was your first experience with design?

Cobi Ladner –  Oh gosh, you know, I was just at my 20 year Ryerson reunion party and a few of the women told me they always thought my dorm room was decorated so great - who knew?  I was only using hand-me-downs from mom and dad!  But I would say my first apartment not far from Yorkville, Toronto in the 80's.  I was junior decorating editor at Chatelaine which meant we could use it for all kinds of photo shoots and makeovers.  I had a bubblegum pink bathroom with a custom-made candy stripe fabric shower curtain, bird of paradise bedding (like I said, it was the 80's ;) grass cloth in the dining room, Marimekko wallpaper in the kitchen, I thought it was all very chic.


image Vignette by Cobi Ladner


Iván Meade – What designers of past or present have inspired you?

Cobi Ladner –  So many, it's hard to choose.  But I have to say that it isn't always the designers who knocked me out - it's the creative homeowners with no experience.  I like it when a home really reflects the owners rather than just a design style.  Often the personal elements can go missing in professional residential designer work and I think it's a shame when they do.


image Inspiration by Cobi Ladner


Iván Meade – One of the things that I found you brought to Canadian House & Home was that you presented interior design as not just aesthetics, but a lifestyle. How does this reflect in your design philosophy?

Cobi Ladner -  Well my philosophy is pretty simple.  I believe that homeowners should feel happy and comfortable in their home when they use it, and it should showcase their unique journey through life to others when they entertain.  Your home is a wonderful place for self expression but through mass production of goods, it's becoming harder and harder to make your home reflect your own taste.  I think the best interiors happen when someone has not only great taste, but the creativity and confidence to show their personality in their choices.


imageInspiration Board by Cobi Ladner


Iván Meade – As the editor of a very popular design magazine, you must have seen several interior design trends come in and out of fashion. Do you have any that you miss? Or, any that you are very glad have not returned?

Cobi Ladner -  I don't mean to sound like a contrarian, but I just don't really think that trends should have a lot to do with how someone decorates their home (and I've been preaching that for a while).  Although fashion trends are fun to watch come and go,  I would never invest in something trendy for my home beyond the odd accessory or lamp.  Of course things should look fresh and current and I love to find something 'new' but I would never buy something trendy just because it is.  But now I feel badly that I didn't answer your question!  You know what I don't miss?  Big ruffly bedskirts.  They always seemed dusty to me and I couldn't find all the stuff I pushed under my bed.  A bed with legs is so much more elegant and clean looking (because I can't shove all that stuff underneath - it is cleaner!).  Same goes for sofas.  I don't like skirts.


image Interior by Cobi Ladner


Iván Meade – What was your favourite experience as the editor of Canadian House & Home?

Cobi Ladner -  Oh, now you're going to make me feel nostalgic.  It would have to be having people stop me on the street - anywhere in Canada - and tell me that they felt like they knew me.  Everyone was always so nice and seemed to really want to connect with a real person in the sometimes intimidating world of design.  I felt so lucky to be that person.



Interior by Cobi Ladner


Iván Meade – One of the highlights from your time as editor at Canadian House & Home was the article that featured your own kitchen renovation. Was it daunting to open your home, personal style and private life to the public?

Cobi Ladner – It was very daunting!  I always felt vulnerable when my own home was showcased.  For one thing, I'm a real person with a real budget and restrictions just like anyone else.  And for another, I worried about being judged (since I was in a position where many thought I could judge).  You know, people often told me they were intimidated to invite me to their home - would it be 'good' enough? - but I always turned the tables and said, 'how do you think I feel?  Everyone expects my house to be perfect!".  Isn't it crazy what we do to each other?


image Cobi Ladner’s Cottage

Photograph by Hello Magazine


Iván Meade – The “Cobi Style” design philosophy is described on your website as “…built not only on a unique style but a unique attitude” it goes on to say that “The attitude is lively, approachable, charming and fun”. How do you apply this mantra to your interiors?

Cobi Ladner –  Well I can't do anything that's too serious or stuffy.  I just can't imagine living that way.  I think homes should be lived in and enjoyed.  It makes me sad if I see a picture perfect home that has no signs of real life.  I think interiors should reflect the owners - their past, present, loves, interests, passions...all the things that make their life unique.  We all have a story - our home should tell it.  The other thing I feel strongly about is feeling grateful.  We should all be so grateful to have a warm home to complain and deliberate over, don't you think?


image Cobi Ladner’s Cottage

Picture by Hello Magazine


Iván Meade – As a blogger myself, I was very excited to find your blog and to see the personal side of your knowledge and opinions in interior design. How has the creation of your blog benefitted you?

Cobi Ladner –  Well I'm so used to blabbing on about my could I stop now? ;)  I'm kidding, but I suppose there is some truth in that.  Even though it often causes me angst, I seem to enjoy writing about the trials and tribulations of 'life at home'.  Now that I'm just writing for myself and not another brand, I feel quite free to just tell it like it is.  That's the great thing about blogs, they're so real.  Imperfections and all.  




Iván Meade – As a graphic designer, in addition to my work in interior design, I noticed that your website is very fun, unique and colourful which is refreshing and reads very well with your design philosophy. Is this fresh new look going to be carried throughout the “Cobi brand” (ie. the products and print work to come) as an image that will be immediately recognized as your own? If so, great strategy and Kudos to you!

Cobi Ladner –  That's an interesting question.  I have used a lot of colour because I do believe that colour is one of the quickest ways to put personality into your home (and your website ;).  I speak a lot about colour, but not because I'm a 'colour freak', in fact my own home is a real mix of neutrals and colours, but because I think colours have been forgotten over the past 10 years or so.  We've been so concerned with creating things in 'good taste', we've forgotten about creating things that are fun to look at, or even pretty.  You would think 'pretty' was a bad word in many design circles.  I don't think that's true however for most homeowners.  I think people respond to pretty things and colours and frankly feel starved for some juice in their interiors.  We've been beiged to death!  In the new year I plan to show more interiors on my site that show what I'm talking about but in a nutshell, I love neutral interiors that have shots of strong colour to wake things up.


image Cobi Ladner’s Cottage

Picture by Hello Magazine


Iván Meade – What is your vision for the future of the world of interior design?

Cobi Ladner –  My vision is for there to be more diversity and life in our homes.  Just like a party that doesn't have any music, I think things have gone a little flat in the last while and I'd like to turn up the volume a bit.  I think we all need to loosen up a little and have some fun. 


image Inspiration by Cobi Ladner


Iván Meade – I read that you wrote a children’s book once you had your own children that was published through McArthur and Company – “Why is an Orange Called an Orange?”. I believe that the personal accomplishments are often the most rewarding, what was this experience like for you?

Cobi Ladner -  It was a wonderful experience to do a children's book.  You'll never get rich doing books in Canada but few things can compare to the feeling of accomplishment you get from having something bound on paper forever.  It's funny that the book was about colours and goes so well with my site.  I did it many years before I had 'cobi' on the brain.




Iván Meade – Lastly, your work has done wonders for the interior design industry in Canada. What would you like your legacy to be?

Cobi Ladner -  Just to help people be happy and comfortable in their own home - I figure that shouldn't be hard. ;) 


I invite you discover and learn more about Cobi Ladner





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Tuesday, 24 November 2009



HGTV is casting female interior designers for new series... documentary/reality style show will feature the work and life of 3 women working as interior designers. 


If interested in being considered or for more information, please email   Final candidates will be taped and interviewed in December in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Miami and possibly Chicago.   Entries should be in by Monday November 30th.



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Monday, 23 November 2009

Velvet and Linen Coffee Table Give Away



Don’t forget today to vote - Velvet and Linen is extending the voting for the Bricklayer’s table giveaway until Sunday November 29th!


Your vote counts – The final three are up to you!


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Friday, 20 November 2009

Eye Candy of the Week – Munkii Vintage


image-munkiivintage 01 

image-munkiivintage 02 

image-munkiivintage 04 

image-munkiivintage 03



Munkii Vintage Bookcase



W : 105
H : 196
D : 31



Medium Density Fiberboard
Polyurethane White in Gloss Finish


Gloss White
Matte Liver Red



I have a great place for this piece – My studio  (lol)


I love the simplicity and the cleanliness of the lines, but also how well it will adapt in a contemporary or traditional space.  As simple as the piece is, it has a complex visual quality and  presence.



Insatiable !!!



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Sunday, 15 November 2009

San Luis Potosi – My beautiful hometown

Often when people find an accent on my speak I get the same questions:

Where are you from?

I am from México

Where about?

San Luis Potosí

Where is that?

My hometown is actually the belly button of México.


In 11 years I have been living in Canada I have only encountered 3 persons who have been in my hometown. Today I have the opportunity to finally showcase some images of my favourite spots in my hometown, and I have to say that  the downtown core of San Luis Potosi is one of the most beautiful in the country.


My hometown as I mention before is the city of San Luis Potosi, the state capital, you will see unique architecture and can visit amazing museums with very interesting collections.   San Luis Potosi was founded in the colonial era during the mining boom. As you check out the streets and buildings, you’ll realize that the magic and charm of older times has been preserved.



San Luis Potosi 012 Theatre of the Peace – Neoclassical Style


imageEl Carmen – Churrigueresco Style Church


San Luis Potosi 011Contemporary Art Museum – MAC

Currently hosting the exhibition “De Picasso a Rothko”


San Luis Potosi 017 Metropolitan Cathedral


image Palacio de Gobierno


La-Lonja-2La Lonja – High Society Club


San Luis Potosi 016 San Francisco Church


imagePlaza de Aranzazu


image Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí


image Casa de La Cultura



Next time you visit México I invite you to visit my hometown




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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Hotel Camino Real – Mexico City


If you like architecture and great design the hotel “Camino Real” is one of the coolest places to stay in México City.


Strategically located in the exclusive financial and commercial zone of Polanco and very close to the Bosque de Chapultepec and from the Rufino Tamayo, Anthropology and History, and Modern Art Museums, and from Chapultepec Castle, a few steps away from beautiful and traditional  Paseo de la Reforma avenue, Camino Real Polanco México is a refuge from the city´s busy life.


Built in an attractive architectonic style, and imagined as a hotel-museum by Architect Ricardo Legorreta, the Camino Real Polanco México Hotel opened to the public on July 25, 1968, combining modern architectural profiles with obvious pre-Hispanic pyramid reminiscences. It has been the headquarters for two soccer world cups and for the Olympic Games, as well as for more than 210 official visits from presidents and members of the monarchy from around the world.


image Hotel Entrance


camino real mexico 012 Vestibule


camino real mexico 011 Cafe Tamayo


camino real mexico 010 Cafe Tamayo

camino real mexico 015 Blue Lounge


camino real mexico 019Reception


camino real mexico 017 Reception


camino real mexico 006 Hallway


camino real mexico 004 Exterior View


camino real mexico 002 Art Piece





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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Eye Candy of the Week – Mexico City Colours


Yesterday was my first day in Mexico City.  I have to say that I am really excited to be back in my country, to see family and friends and to enjoy what my country has to offer.  One of my favourite things in Mexico are the colours of my country which have been the link that have reconnected myself with my  own roots. 


Every time I ‘m back in Mexico City I noticed big changes in the city,  but maybe the nostalgic moment of the time was bringing back great memories of my childhood.


Today I want to share a different eye candy of the week.  Today’s candy is the vibrancy of the colours in my culture.  These are the colours you can see in one day.


Ciudad de Mexic 002 Morning Market in Anzures


Ciudad de Mexic 020Sculpture in Paseo de la Reforma


Ciudad de Mexic 052 Pedro Friedberg’s Ultrafamousr Hand Chair Sculpture


Ciudad de Mexic 047 Angel of the Independence – Paseo de la Reforma


Ciudad de Mexic 061“El Caballto” by Sebastian


Ciudad de Mexic 072 Day of the Death Altar – Downtown


Ciudad de Mexic 091 Mexican Dolls


Ciudad de Mexic 101My dessert of the day – Coconut Créme Caramel 


Ciudad de Mexic 104 Handmade Embroidery

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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

In Conversation with Sandy Nygaard


SandySandy Nygaard


As seen in SNAP, November 2009


Sandy Nygaard has been creating comfortable, unique and enduring interiors for the last 15 years. Her refined eye has developed a style that is all her own – understated, contemporary, warm, and full of textural tone-on-tone details in natural materials with an emphasis on West Coast style.


As the principal designer of Nygaard Interior Design, Sandy takes on a wide range of projects, from homes to restaurants, from offices to retail and she puts her own spin on the projects with wonderful execution. She does however, keep the clients’ needs and style at the forefront of her designs – incorporating Asian details, a Tuscan palette, or whatever their needs may be into a Sandy Nygaard original.


Sandy and her firm has recently been featured in the book “Spectacular Homes of Western Canada” by Panache, with a four page spread of one of her residential projects. An excerpt from the book sums it all up nicely – “After more than 15 years in the industry [Sandy] continues to derive energy and excitement from the cohesive design process, creating lasting design and unique living and working spaces.”


Please read on to learn more about this local talent.


Iván Meade - What is your favourite design find?

Sandy Nygaard  That is hard to answer. I find things that inspire me all the time. I can’t say there has been one thing that has made me say  - that’s it, that is my favourite !


Sandy-Nygaard-1 Interior by Nygaard Interior Design


Iván Meade - What is important to you in design?

Sandy Nygaard-   what’s important to me in design is simplicity. Things I find that I get excited about are often about materiality, colour and texture and how it can be integrated into a space .


Sandy-Nygaard-2Interior by Nygaard Interior Design


Iván Meade - How does this reflect upon your personal design philosophy?

Sandy Nygaard –. I think it is a challenge to not overdesign .    Therefore,  using natural materials and letting them be what they are can bring the energy into a design.    You don’t have to add a lot of extra stuff to make it exciting.    Simplicity in design allow the colours and textures of the materials do all the work.


Sandy-Nygaard-3Interior by Nygaard Interior Design


Iván Meade - Can you tell me what your next design venture is?

Sandy NygaardI have many projects on the go.


Sandy-Nygaard-4Interior by Nygaard Interior Design


Iván Meade – What was your first experience with design?

Sandy Nygaard – Being involved in the design of a house I was going to live in.  Coming from a 2 dimensional fine art back ground I thoroughly enjoyed the scale and 3 dimensionality.


Sandy-Nygaard-5Interior by Nygaard Interior Design


Iván Meade – Who or what has influenced your style?

Sandy Nygaard – It is evolving all the time.


Sandy-Nygaard-6 Interior by Nygaard Interior Design


Iván Meade – How would you describe your style?

Sandy Nygaard – contemporary, clean, uncluttered.


Sandy-Nygaard-7 Interior by Nygaard Interior Design


Iván Meade – Being in business for over 15 years I’m sure you’ve seen many styles come and go in Victoria. What do you think is the worst trend we’ve seen here on the island?

Sandy Nygaard – I do not think Victoria is a bubble and has it’s own worst trend. I like where we are now, the doors are open to all influences and design.


Sandy-Nygaard-8 Interior by Nygaard Interior Design


Iván Meade – How/why did you start your own firm? Could you tell me a little about the history of your company?

Sandy Nygaard – I studied and have my degree in Fine Art. We were designing and building a new house and I totally got side track ed . I loved considering space, function , light and colour and actually living in the art.


Sandy-Nygaard-9 Interior by Nygaard Interior Design


Iván Meade – Although you are known for your contemporary spaces (such as Carriero hair salon), you have also created some stunning traditional spaces (such as the Rogers Chocolates stores). Which shows your versatility as designer – Is it fun to change it up once in a while?

Sandy Nygaard –Definitely.


image Interior by Nygaard Interior Design


Iván Meade – What are you excited about right now in the world of design?

Sandy Nygaard – the use of materials as a focus versus adornment.


image Interior by Nygaard Interior Design


Iván Meade – Your work at the Brentwood Bay Lodge and Spa is one of my favourite projects you have done I believe is one of the best examples of Contemporary West Coast Style. What was your inspiration for the project?

Sandy Nygaard – For all projects the architecture of the building comes first.  What the architect is expressing is the beginning of the story, I try to respond and respect that and finish the story on the inside.  The building is contemporary, strong, and about the west coast materials. The interior had to carry those elements  through or it would not have been successful.


image Interior by Nygaard Interior Design


Iván Meade – What project has given you the most satisfaction?

Sandy Nygaard – There are not many that I have been dissatisfied with. I truly enjoy the process, getting to know the clients and working with them to create the end product. It is these relationships that fuel the design, good or bad. I have been lucky to have had wonderful clients that have allowed me to respond to their needs and create spaces that satisfy all of us.  Some of these houses have received National recognition.   It’s nice to know that the designs you create reach beyond the clients and are recognized nationally.


image Interior by Nygaard Interior Design


Iván Meade – Lastly, you have already created a stunning body of work in your own signature style. What would you like your legacy to be?

Sandy Nygaard – I am not concerned about my legacy I am working in the now! 


image Interior by Nygaard Interior Design


invite you to discover Sandy Nygaard work at her website:




Ivan Meade is a local designer and principal of Meade Design Group, a multidisciplinary interior and graphic design studio in the heart of downtown Victoria –

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