Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Is your bedroom looking a little lackluster lately? Not excited about where you rest your head? Looking for a boudoir spruce-up on a budget? Look no further, this entry is full of simple and inexpensive solutions to make your dreams that much sweeter.


1. - A designer’s best friend, paint. Long known to be one of the easiest, most impactful ways to change up a room’s atmosphere, it is also one of the least expensive. But don’t go to the trouble of painting the whole space, use a treatment that gives emphasis to your bed by using a colour blocking technique, or if you’re artsy, you could change your headboard on the daily by taking advantage of chalkboard paint. This is also a great space-saving solution.

Try using these images for a little inspiration:


Painted Headboard 1

(Above) Create a headboard look by masking off the area around the bed.


Painted Headboard 4

(Above) Or, if you already have headboards you’re not crazy about, try extruding the width of the bed with a full-height band of colour, accentuating (or faking) high ceilings.


Painted Headboard 2

(Above) We love this retro example that takes it one step further by wrapping the colour onto the ceiling and encasing it in glossy, simple trim.


Painted Headboard 6

(Above) A modern, less conventional approach embracing the hexagon trend. We love the pop of colour being in one portion only.


Painted Headboard 7

(Above) For those truly talented with chalk, this looks amazing.


2. - If this is all just a little too simple for you and you had something in mind that looks more like a conventional headboard, try adding some intricacy with a vinyl cut-out which can be made at your local signage shop or purchased online through multiple outlets. You still get all the space-saving power of paint too!


Vinyl Headboard 1

(Above) A modern take on a more traditional iron headboard.


Vinyl Headboard 3

(Above) You can even add low-maintenance pets to your headboard like this birdcage/colonnade inspired example (great for kids!).


Vinyl Headboard 4

(Above) A simple outline makes a bold statement in a bright colour.


Vinyl Headboard 6

(Above) You can also print imagery on vinyl to get a Warhol-inspired look.


3. - Another great option for our artistically inclined readers is to overscale your artwork and use it as your headboard… if you don’t have the design gene – you can always just paint a canvas a solid colour!


Canvas Headboard 2

(Above) The texture in this piece is a amazing in this otherwise simple bedroom.


Canvas Headboard 1

(Above) A yellow canvas is just the pop of sunshine this space needed to finish it off.


4. - Drapery is another very good friend of designers. It softens a room and adds colour, texture, pattern, and ambiance. A very romantic look, this is a particularly great option if you have a windowless room (creating the illusion that it’s not), or have to place the bed under the window.


Drapery Headboard 1

(Above) Very clean and ethereal, the empty frame hanging on top gives an interesting layered effect to this otherwise basic install.


Drapery Headboard 3

(Above) Like a wing chair does for your reading, this concept of returning the rods creates privacy, insulation and will help block light and sound… plus, it looks great!


Drapery Headboard 4

(Above) Or, go all-out and create your own canopy-style bed for the ultimate in romanticism.


5. - Or maybe you like your DIY projects to be more recognizably repurposed? This is the option for you. Shipping pallets are readily available and affordable. This can be as simple as placing one behind your bed, or you can get a little more inventive…


Pallet Headboard 5APallet Headboard 5BPallet Headboard 5C

(Above) This weathered reclaimed piece looks unbelievable in the right space. Very anthropologie.


Pallet Headboard 2B

(Above) You can also feel free to personalize it… it was probably free anyways and you can always flip it over or replace it if you change your mind!


Pallet Headboard 3

(Above) Multiply the impact by wrapping it up the wall and ceiling. Here they have taken advantage of the space between to hide their cords… very clever!


Pallet Headboard 4(Bed)

(Above) Or, go all-out and make a whole bed from your found pallets!


6. – Bolsters or pillows add comfort and style is one fell swoop. It’s easier for some to inject bold colour or pattern in small doses so this is a fun way to test the waters. Plus, unlike some of the above options, they can easily go with you when you move, or be used in another room. It’s all about versatility, people!


Bolster-Pillows 1

(Above) This example pairs nicely with a framed collection, minimal and unobtrusive, letting these treasured pieces shine.


Bolster-Pillows 2

(Above) This is a perfect example of small injections of bold colour and pattern – it’s details like these though that can really make a space.


Bolster-Pillows 3

(Above) A subdued, comfortable space making use of a bolster and artwork – are they trying to get bonus points?


7. - Who doesn’t love a well organized bookcase? No one, that’s who. These examples combine storage and beauty. Perfect for our bookworm followers.


Bookcase Headboard 1

(Above) This simple solution allows the inhabitant to display all of their treasures while grounding the space (so the bed doesn’t just appear to be floating in the room) using modular, readily available shelving units.


Bookcase Headboard 2

(Above) This option utilized units with doors at the base of the cabinetry and proportions that are just oh-so perfect with the width of the bed, providing a more custom feel and easier access – a very rich appeal.


Bookcase Headboard 3

(Above) This solution is perfect for siblings who have to share a room but need their own personal space too.


8.  - If you are an expert at scavenging salvage yards, than this option will bring you great joy. Repurposing an older fireplace mantle creates a wonderful focal point and could even bring back some of the original character of your home.


Fireplace Headboard 1B

(Above) Using a mantle with an overmantle allows you to elongate the headboard and incorporate mirrors and/or artwork above the headboard in a compartmentalized and beautifully cohesive manner (for those of us who suffer from minor OCD about everything having its place!).


Fireplace Headboard 4

(Above) One lucky person found this beautifully overscaled piece complete with a stunning patina.


Fireplace Headboard 3

(Above) You could even take it one step further by upholstering the area where the firebox would be for extra comfort.


9. Who said rugs had to go on the floor? They can also do double-duty as artwork/plush headboard when you hang them on the wall…


Rug Headboard 2

(Above) This carpet adds to the sleek black and white colour scheme, contributing both pattern and texture.


Rug Headboard

(Above) Methinks this rug was the inspiration for this whole room. But if not, it sure pulls it all together seamlessly!


Rug Headboard 3

(Above) Apparently Sassani’s are the way to go for this look!! But really, don’t feel limited in your pattern options. This example shows the rug extended onto the ceiling for added presence and solidified the bed as the focal point.


10. And lastly, another architectural salvage find being put to good use, the shutter. They may not be as popular on exteriors anymore, but are still very well loved in a shabby-chic interior. Probably one of the most unexpectedly versatile options…


Shutters Headboard

(Above) Shutters laid flat against the wall in a typical headboard size and painted to match has a wonderful way of disguising itself as a piece of a furniture suite.


(Above) Mismatched sized and alternating colours make for a more relaxed and playful option.


Shutters Headboard 3

(Above) Talk about a nautical dream space! Despite its footprint, this wall-to-wall, full-height option looks stunning contrasted against the navy walls, letting just a hint of it peek through the slats.


Shutters Headboard 4

(Above) Another great use of elongating a double-dose of narrow beds for a strong sense of symmetry.


Shutters Headboard 5

(Above) And lastly – there doesn’t always need to be a rhyme or reason to how you place your shutters, this asymmetrical mix of frames and shutters is textural, interesting and functional all at the same time! (It looks like they added a corkboard and are hanging some jewelry here… if not – imagine if they did!… you can always make it happen!)


And there you have it! If you’re not inspired by now, I’m afraid you are very hard to please!!

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Saturday, 1 June 2013


As Seen in SNAP June 2013

Summer officially begins on June 21st.  After having a not-so-great spring, I believe my fellow Victorians and I are looking to bring some happiness and vibrancy to our homes.  With longer and (hopefully) warmer days we will be inclined to have more people over to enjoy the best that this season has to offer.   Something I have learned is that the summers in Victoria are not the longest. So, we have to maximize the best use of the sunshine-filled time we do get in the upcoming months.


Here are a couple of tips that will bring joy to your home every day, and you don’t need to invest much money to get these great results.


1. My first tip is to have natural flowers (never artificial or silk) in your home – They can be in the form of a plant, even a bowl of fruit or just a really nice flower arrangement. Don’t wait for a special occasion, every day is a reason to celebrate. I have found that flowers are always eye-catching and they are a small investment that will really improve your everyday life.  For a local florist, I would recommend Tara McHugh Flora, Poppies, Ramsey & Ramsey or Flowers on Top.  These florists offer weekly maintenance/delivery programs, so your place always will look at its best.



Flowers by Tara McHugh Flora


2. Investing in a couple of bright and happy pillows and a lightweight blanket.  This combo is perfect for a nice siesta in the afternoon.  Nowadays you can even get Sunbrella fabrics which will not fade with the sun and they will last you many seasons to come.  To look at Sunbrella fabric offerings, contact your favourite interior designer.



Jonathan Adler Outdoor Fabrics available at MEADE DESIGN GROUP


3. A cheerful set of napkins, chargers and a new tablecloth to dine Al Fresco.  Again, you can always find really happy alternatives in places like Target, Canadian Super Store, The Bay and Capital Iron without breaking the bank.  Colourful paper napkins can add also an unexpected touch.



Lilly Pulitzer Fabrics available at MEADE DESIGN GROUP


4. If you like to go for picnics at the beach or just sun-bathe at your home, why not pick-up really bold and fun beach towels? 





5. For the adventurous ones, try painting an accent wall in a vibrant colour.  Another way to introduce an accent colour is to just paint some large canvases in solid colours or stripes.  Maybe you have an artist trapped inside, just waiting to get out! Explore you artistic and hidden talents by painting a nice picture to decorate your home.





In the end, summer is all about finding ways to enjoy and spend time with family and friends. Colour is just a way to showcase that we are happy without saying a thing.  Be bold, be colorful and enjoy your Summer.

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