Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Foodie Influence – Y.A.M. Magazine


yam magazine april 001


I am so excited to let you know that my own kitchen, yes you read it right, my own kitchen has been featured in the latest issue May/Jun 11 (page 28-33) of Y.A.M. magazine.  It has been really nice to see my space through other eyes.  I am very happy with the end result of the article – and why not? I am very proud of my new title as a self-confessed foodie.


Kerry Slavens wrote a beautiful review of my kitchen and the thoughts behind my design choices.  The images are also extremely nice thanks to the skilled eye of well known local photographer Jeff Bosdet.


yam magazine april 002


I really like the photography on pages 30-31- as it really showcases how open and light my space is. 


My dear friend Tara from Tara McHugh Flora made all the stunning flower arrangements for the photo-shoot. 


yam magazine april 007


If you are in Victoria you need to get a copy of Y.A.M. magazine, if you are not we will tweet the link to the virtual magazine when it comes out. 

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Wall Wood Panelling

Wood panelling can be a very effective architectural element in adding instant appeal and memorability to a room.  I have to say that  even If I really like wood panelling I am not fond of the 70’s cedar wall panelling you can see far too often in homes here on the West Coast.  That’s just wood on the wall.  However, in the hands of a skilled designer or architect the results can be outstanding.


Here are some examples of my favourite contemporary uses of wood panelling and that clearly reflect the designers point of view and aesthetic.



Via Axis Decorative Arts


I love the use of the round window as a focal point and the mix of a large flat panel and the grid panels next to it.  It definitely adds warmth and interest to the room, creating a solid background for the rest of the elements.



Via Ike Kligerman Barkley


The panelling in this dining room is asymmetrical, but does not overwhelm the space as it has been painted the same colour as the wall.  I also love how the light fixture relates to the panels at the right side and center with the lower panels..



Via B.Gluckstein


This is one of my favourite wall panelling's applications I have seen – It follows the curve of the wall playing off the traditional crown mouldings against the modern vibe of the symmetry and creates a very interesting juxtaposition.  It is classic yet is contemporary.



Via Thad Hayes


The panelling in this room is very quiet – It reinforces the focal point in the room and as you can see the panelling doesn’t go wall to wall which gives the room added depth and dimension.



Via Axis Decorative Arts


This wall panelling creates a resonance and a sense of rhythm that makes the space feel comfortable. It is an excellent backdrop for the beautiful collection of French furnishings and sculptures.  The panelling also gives the room ‘permission’ to not fill every wall with art, the panelling is art in itself.



Via William Sofield


This is an example where  luxury and elegance can be found in one image at Tom Fords NY boutique.   With strong references of the Art Deco era but with contemporary design in mind, this ebony panelling is simply epic. 



Via Kelly Wearstler


For all my Westies,  this is a wall panelling at an angle.  This panelling in bleach walnut is sophisticated and a great backdrop for the art collection.



Via Barbara Barry


God is in the attention to detail.  The back panelling adds dimension and almost a contrast texture to the furnishings.  It is very soft and enduring – I just want to sit in that room and enjoy myself.



Via Orlando Díaz-Azcuy


A great solution for a free standing wall – The effect of this wall panelling adds presence to the room.  It is the only strong colour in the room which makes it perfect as a focal point.  This paneling also resonates with the ceiling beams reinforcing symmetry with the fireplace and asymmetry in the room.  There is an extra panel in the left side – Did you notice that? 



Via Kelly Wearstler


A contemporary interpretation of the traditional panelling is something you can see in any Château. The geometric elements of the panelling add the architectural voice to the room that otherwise would be unclear.  This panelling is the warm and defining backdrop for the eccentric collection of furnishings and art.

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Monday, 18 April 2011

Eye Candy of the Week - COPPA DELL'ETICA






Coppa Dell’etica



Michele de Lucchi



Studio Baccarat



Le Coppe della Filosofia






Crystal on gold plated brass



Height :
27,2 Centimeters / 10.71 Inches

Diameter :
35,6 Centimeters / 14.02 Inches



I love the balance and the proportions of this piece in particular.  The delicacy of the elements are very well orchestrated.  The texture of the stair pattern on the crystal and the smoothness of the gold plated brass play nicely in a reinvented way. 


Michele de Lucchi has brought classic lines in a contemporary form that is memorable and classic.


Low stemmed bowl with cover designed by Michele De Lucchi in clear crystal on gold-plated brass. Signed and numbered limited edition of 99 copies. An exceptional collection made with the purest crystal featuring a stair pattern on the inside that magnifies the crystal's natural brilliance.

An exceptionally decorative object from a master of contemporary Italian design. – Baccarat Studio




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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Indispensables

The commodities of every day life make our day easier and more enjoyable. I have mentioned before that luxury is in the things you touch and use everyday.  Someone once commented that I must have very expensive taste, but luxuries don’t have to be expensive.  Here are a few of my favourite, affordable everyday luxuries.


What are yours?



Soap on a Rope (Always!) – I love the smell of Verbena by L’Occitane.  It smells fresh and clean and looks great in the bathroom.





I like their organic shape and they last for a long time – Plus they match my sponge Bob band-aids (lol)





Rowenta all the way – I have a team of 2 hardworking irons – The Steamium for my shirts and linens,   and the Rowneta Pro-Compact Steamer for jackets, pants and polos.  They are my loyal friends and they are always  there when I need them.






They keep the clothes in the best shape and they look better than typical wire or plastic hangers.





Le Cube by Nespresso – If you love coffee and love design this is the machine for you, plus the quality of the coffee is great.





Jasper Conran for Wedgewood – White Strata.  Simple and nice to look at.  I like the saucer with its concentric debossed circles and the juxtaposition of the clean smooth cup.





What can I say, It is my loyal personal assistant.





Yes, I am pen hoarder according my wonderful team.  I usually have 2 to 3 Micron #3 pens with me.  Hey! you never know when you will need to sketch something or sign an autograph.





You need to keep hydrated why not doing it with a little bit of style.





White Frette – I swore they put some sort of drug in them – Once you sleep in them you can’t replicate the experience with any other kind of linens.



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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Eye Candy of the Week – Foscarini Diesel Glas Lamp






Foscarini Diesel Glas Table



Gabriel Ross



Blown glass and metal.



  • Length: 55 cm
  • Height: 59 cm



I have been looking for a task lamp for the longest time and yesterday I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the Diesel line while I was visiting Gabriel Ross in town.  I like the simplicity of the lines and the retro vibe of these lamps, but what I really like is the taupe glass and how the light glows within the glass. 


Glas takes the familiar image of industrial lamps used in warehouses and factories worldwide. A reinvented icon in the light of a new contemporary lifestyle, transformed into a precious and personal entity, transported into a timeless dimension. By day, by night: Glas is a lamp with a double life. When it is off, the superficial chrome-coloured vacuum metallisation finish reflects the surrounding environment and objects like a mirror. When it is on, it emits a warm beam, with a retro feel, which is both directed and diffused. This characteristic underlines the passage from the technical nature of metal to the artisan craftsmanship of glass. Placed on a table, oriented with a counterweight, Glas transforms a home or public environment into a creative laboratory, a fascinating workshop of new trends. – Foscarini




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