Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Echito’s Bridal Shower – a very pink celebration!

Echito is getting married – and Meade Design Group wanted to send her into married life with a fabulous bridal shower party! After all, she does deserve it, she always leaves comments on my blog (lol)

The theme (of course,) was pinks and corals presented in an elegant manner with napkins, floral arrangements and yummy yummy desserts.

We enjoyed good company, tasty cocktails, some silly and naughty games (such as pin the junk on the hunk, a toilet paper wedding dress contest and Toilet Paper and Stick – don’t ask) and of course a traditional Mexican meal lovingly prepared by moi .

The menu was:

  • Avocado cream soup with Tequila and Watermelon.
  • Mandarin and Blackberry on Spring Greens with Mango and Cilantro Dressing and Caramelized Pecans.
  • Agnolotti in Chiplote and Gouda Sauce.
  • Saltspring Island Goat Cheese & Port Salut Cheese Platter.
  • OOh La La Cupcakes and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.
  • A delicious Naughty Cake specially made for the occasion.

Please enjoy the pictures below of the safe-for-blog festivities that went into the wee hours!

Echito's Bridal Party - Exhibition X 038

Coral floral arrangements with a mix of gerberas and roses by local talent Tara McHugh perfectly adorned our table set for 12.

Echito's Bridal Party - Exhibition X 056

Delicious cupcakes from OOh La La in “Just Vanilla” with pink sprinkles and “Pink Ballerina” with pink icing to fit our theme.

Echito's Bridal Party - Exhibition X 057

The glamorous finished table ready for guests and a yummy meal.

Echito's Bridal Party - Exhibition X 016

Another one of Tara’s beautiful arrangements complimented our Asian cabinet and Fornasetti plates.

Echito's Bridal Party - Exhibition X 018

The re-vamped entrance with a plum blossom branch right from Tara’s own front yard.

Echito's Bridal Party - Exhibition X 051

Each guest was welcomed with a freesia corsage on their place setting to wear for the event.

Echito's Bridal Party - Exhibition X 047

I bugged innocent Echito for weeks that I will get her a real bubble butt stripper for the event. Even after going to the most dark places in Victoria and was almost successful, I was unable to obtain one. So, we presented her with this stripper themed cake from Passion for Cakes - Yum! and of course we had to brand the cake (lol) Echito was relieved and enjoyed the cake more than she thought she would have enjoyed the stripper!

echito's bridal and exhibition 014

Echito serving up the naughty cake – raspberry with vanilla frosting, yum! (Of course she had to eat the bubble-bum piece all to herself!) You can also see another special decoration in the shot - the horse mural in the background was given a pink unicorn horn for the occasion to promote fertility and good will in the couples futures.

echito's bridal and exhibition 036

Here I am as the bartender extraordinaire – mixing yummy pink drinks for the event such as the “Silk Stocking” and Raspberry Champagne Cocktails which the ladies (including Jeff and myself ) enjoyed. Love is in the details I even wore a pink shirt for Echito.

echito's bridal and exhibition 054

New sexy mama Sarita had to leave early to feed Sadie, but it was great she was able to come and celebrate with us.

echito's bridal and exhibition 112

The self-proclaimed “Team Experience” (Bobbie, Tanis, and Echo’s mom Sharon) working on their dress design for the toilet paper bride contest. Their final design? “The Reverse Mullet”; a mini-dress “party in the front” and elegant train for “business in the back”.

echito's bridal and exhibition 124

The final designs modelled by (from left to right) LindsO, Courtney and Tanis.

echito's bridal and exhibition 127

The final event of the evening was the passing of the “Bride-to-Be” tiara from Echito to Christina, who will be getting married in September.

Overall, a fabulous evening was had by all – best of luck to Echo and Nic on their wedding on May 16th!

Tara McHugh Flora -


Passion for Cakes

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Monday, 27 April 2009

X – Exhibition by Iván Meade at P.S. Gallery

Saturday was the opening of my solo exhibition – “ X ” at the renowned P.S. Gallery in Victoria B.C. Lots of friends, clients and colleagues came to show their support.

It was great to see everything in place and it made me very proud to see all of my work displayed so nicely and appreciated by the ones I care about most.

The exhibition will be running until the end of May so if you have time please feel free to check it out and leave a note in the guest book.

echito's bridal and exhibition 128 Object d’Art Pieces and Acrylic

echito's bridal and exhibition 142 Object d’Art – Acrylics – Black and White Pictures and Monotype

echito's bridal and exhibition 133

Artist Statement – Acrylics

echito's bridal and exhibition 137

Tempestas - Acrylic

echito's bridal and exhibition 135 You may recognize these pictures from the series Arena

echito's bridal and exhibition 139Terra, Solum and Ager Monoprints

echito's bridal and exhibition 148Femina - Monotype

echito's bridal and exhibition 171 Christian Barnard and Myself admiring my art

echito's bridal and exhibition 134 Object d’Art and some Acrylics

echito's bridal and exhibition 159 Christina & Claudia commenting on the stunning exhibition

echito's bridal and exhibition 156PS Gallery filled with excited spectators

echito's bridal and exhibition 179

Please! - No more flash - (lol)

Thank you very much to Laura and Trish for their great work being the cutators of the exhibition and everybody who attend the opening gala.

Efrén Quiroz from Exhibit - V made a great video of the "X" exhibition. If you want to know what is happening in the art scene in Victoria you definitely need to check out his blog.

X - Exhibition Video

Exhibit - V

P.S. Gallery and Place function+design

3690 Shelbourne Street – Victoria, B.C.

P 250.381.3488

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

X – Exhibition by Iván Meade at P.S. Gallery in Victoria BC

Well! I have to admit that this entry is a little self-indulgent but this Saturday I am going to have a solo exhibition at PS Gallery here in Victoria BC.

Please come to PS Gallery at Place function+design at 3690 Shelbourne Street to check out my amazing exhibit this Saturday April 25, 2009 starting at 7:00 pm. The exhibition will be running for 30 days.

I will be showcasing a selection of my Object d’Art pieces, Monoprints, Monotypes, Photography and Acrylics from the last ten years depicting milestones of my life in Canada .

I hope you can make it!


click image to enlarge invitation

Iván Meade is the Principal of Meade Design Group a local Interior and Graphic Design studio in Victoria BC. He moved to Canada 10 years ago from his native México and has been exploring different art forms and mediums ever since.

His exhibition at Place’s P.S. gallery features a collection of his work from different periods during his life here in Canada including his Objet d’Art line and studies in Photography, Acrylic and Printmaking among others. He has decided to call this collection “X” to represent his ten years in Canada (the roman numeral) .

Each piece tells a story about his travels, heritage, successes and milestones in a fresh, modern and distinctive approach.

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Sunday, 19 April 2009

In Conversation with Michael Devine

md-photo Michael Devine


Michael Devine is a very talented textile designer from New York who specializes in hand printed fabrics. He also runs a successful textile company and an on line store called “Michael Devine Home.”

His work has been featured in a multitude of publications including British House and Garden, The World of Interiors, Domino, Traditional Home and Elle Décor, British Homes & Gardens and Quest. Michael also writes a great blog about his daily life and current projects which I really enjoy following.

To learn more about Michael and his ventures please read on…

Iván Meade – What was your first experience with design?


Michael Devine - My first experience with design came at a very early age. Like many people, I had two grandmothers that were both very handy when it came to creating things like clothes and accessories for the home. I was always fascinated by the process of creation. At the young age of six or seven, my grandmother Devine gave in to my pestering and started to teach me how to sew. From there I developed other interests in painting and crafts which I always rely on in my work.


CIMG0515  Photograph courtesy of Michael Devine


Iván Meade - How would you describe your style?

Michael Devine - My style would be “Old Chateau”. This is inspired by the privileges I have had to visit, and in some cases stay in some wonderful old European family “houses” where the furniture is museum quality, but hasn't been redone for generations and has had time to mellow and develop a patina that comes with time. I try to translate that into what I design.


CIMG1050  Photograph courtesy of Michael Devine


Iván Meade – Who or what has influenced your style?

Michael Devine - My maternal grandmother influenced my style from an early age and still somewhat today. She taught me so much about how to live that the influence is indelible. More currently I am influenced by friends Charlotte Moss and Carolina Irving. They both have a glamorous edge and a sure eye, blended with their respective charm makes them irresistible.


CIMG1102Photograph courtesy of Michael Devine


Iván Meade – What inspires your textile designs?

Michael Devine - My textiles are inspired for the most part by classic motifs, fretwork, pagodas, flowers and geometrics which I translate through my sensibility and style.


CIMG0620 Photograph courtesy of Michael Devine

Iván Meade – Most of your textile designs are hand printed. What is it you love about hand printed fabrics?

Michael Devine - Hand printed textiles are really so special. The handmade process is what makes the difference, makes the fabric truly a custom product.


CIMG0512 Photograph courtesy of Michael Devine

Iván Meade – What is the most unusual request you have received from a client?

Michael Devine - There have been so many, however, one of the most flattering orders came from Aerin Lauders designer who used the fabric in Aerin's bedroom in the Hamptons. That was really thrilling..

 image  Aerin Lauders Bedroom – Hamptons


Iván Meade - What will be your next venture in design?

Michael Devine - It would be exciting to expand and design dinner dinnerware, bedding and wallpaper. I am fascinated by the different mediums and how they can be used to translate the
technique of what I do.  Aside form products, I would really like to write a chic sustainable garden and entertaining book based on my own Jardin de Cure.




  Photographs courtesy of Michael Devine


The Instant Garden

After falling in love with the formal grounds at Paris's Rodin Museum, fabric designer Michael Devine transformed a 25- by 120-foot patch of dirt into a backyard idyll — in just three months flat.



May 2007

image Michael Devine & Thomas Burak – Country Living


Iván Meade – What designers of past and present do you admire most?

Michael Devine - William Morris, not that I like what he created, but in his philosophy of craft and belief in the handmade. Dorothy Draper and Elsie de Wolfe. I have had their books for years and am always amazed at how fresh their ideas always seem, even today.

There are so many designers today that I really admire. To narrow it
down is hard, but to name just two, my partner Thomas Burak and
Charlotte Moss.


clip_image002[4]Charlotte Moss


Charlotte Moss' room at the Kips Bay Designer Show House swathed in Michael Devine's Beekman fabric.

Iván Meade – Who would you like to design something for?

Michael Devine - Michelle Obama would be my top pick of someone that I would love to design something for.


CIMG2288 Photograph courtesy of Michael Devine

Iván Meade – What project has given you the most satisfaction?

Michael Devine - Launching and growing my fabric collection has given me enormous satisfaction. The joys and challenges of running a small business have been a very rewarding experience.


CIMG1028 Photograph courtesy of Michael Devine


Iván Meade – Your blog is a great window into the everyday life of Michael Devine. What made you decide to start blogging and what has your response been like?

Michael Devine - The blog grew out of a desire to continue my magazine editorial experience. I have always felt that the role of an editor was that of a conduit between people and ideas. This spring I am developing a bi monthly profile series, Tea with.... that will explore how people came into their respective careers.

The response to the blog has been really great and I have met some
really amazing people through it like you and Ronda Carmen from All
the Best, Jennifer Dwyer from the Peak of Chic .

 CIMG4665Michael Devine Home – Front Store

Iván Meade – What books are currently on your bedside or coffee table?

Michael Devine - There are so many, I am a bit of a bibliophile. On my Night stand next to my bed I have Prousts Sodome et Gomorrhe, De Memoire de Potager by Serge Schall, Lʼart du Potager by Jerome Goutier and my train reading right now is Les Reveries du Promeneur Solitarie by Rousseau.



Iván Meade – You recently exhibited in the Maison et Objet show in Paris. Besides the tent snafu, how was your experience there? Did anything inspire you?

Michael Devine - Apart from the tent disaster, working side by side with Carolina and my partner Thomas was amazing. The combination of the three of us made for a treat instead of a treatment. Maison et Objet is really, in my opinion the most inspiring home show there is. The visitors are really the best, the products exhibited and the merchandising always makes it a transcendental design experience.


CIMG2159Carolina & Michael

Iván Meade – What are you excited about right now in the world of design?

Michael Devine - I am really excited about the growing use of prints in interiors. It seems that increasingly designers are using them and clients are growing tried of the all beige room.

 CIMG1773 Photograph courtesy of Michael Devine


Iván Meade – Lastly, you have already created a stunning body of work with many mediums and styles, what would you like your legacy to be?

Michael Devine - I would like to have a legacy that remembers me for the my beautiful textiles and the pleasure to those that have been surrounded by them.



Photograph courtesy of Michael Devine


I invite you to visit Michel Devine’s website, online store and blog to see his stunning fabric and home collection.



The Devine Life - Blog

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Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Top Ten Best Contemporary Hanging Light Fixtures in Victoria B.C.


People often complain that because we live on an island we don’t have cool and contemporary light fixtures available to us.  Here is a selection of lighting that proves quite the contrary.


Which one is your favourite?


light shade shadeLight Shade Shade – Moooi

Designer: Jurgen Bey

Only Human


caboche._48626afdCabouche  - Foscarini

Designer: Patricia Urquiola

Gabriel Ross 


Random LightRandom Light – Moooi

Designer: Bertjan Pot

Only Human 


Paper Chandelier Paper Chandelier – Moooi

Studio Job

Only Human



Vibia Duplo Pendant Lamp

Jordi Vilardell

Gabriel Ross


image Model 2097 Suspension Lamp - Flos

Designer: Gino Sarfatti

Gabriel Ross



Skygarden - Flos

Designer: Marcel Wanders

Gabriel Ross


Dandelion Dandelion – Moooi

Richard Hutten

Only Human


FringeFringe 1 – Moooi

Designer: Edward van Vliet

Only Human



Saucer Lamp - Modernica

Gabriel Ross

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