Wednesday, 27 February 2013




We are so excited to rank number 12 on "The Top 25 Interior Design Blogs in the World".  What an honour and privilege to share this list with some of our favourite blogs as well!!! 


Thank-you so much to Designs-n-Deal. for selecting our blog.

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Friday, 22 February 2013


Choosing the right piece is far more important than where you get it from. More and more, clients are looking for a unique look for their homes and are drawn to vintage, antique or up-cycled pieces. This means designers have to be resourceful with both procuring and selling off excess goods. Dealers, auctions and showrooms aside, you’ve got your estate sales, yard sales and - yes, the sometimes dreaded online classifieds. Though free and relatively simple to do, posting on Craigslist or Kijiji can feel a bit daunting. Searching these sites can be hit and miss and you often waste time fending off spammers and scammers. Plus, neither of them are particularly elegant looking and when you’re putting your name out there, you want your online presence to look professional. This is where a new online marketplace called DiggitVictoria comes in.




DiggitVictoria offers some pretty powerful tools for business owners. You can create a free profile and brand it nicely using a full suite of photo editing tools. If you’re selling, you can posts ads (also for free) with descriptions and multiple photos. Basically, you can create a gallery of photos and edit them to look good and add editorial. And because social tools are built into each ad, you can share your ads easily on Facebook, Twitter and through email.


If you’re the one doing the shopping, the search functions are exceptional. Also, Diggit’s tightly moderated, meaning fewer scams and an overall more pleasant online experience. You can also create lists of favourite items, so you can keep track of what you're looking for and watch items to see if the price fluctuates.


Born and bred here in Victoria, BC, DiggitVictoria is poised to to do very well in a market known for its interested mix of demographics. For designers or independent business owners, it’s a great tool to advertise, shop and sell on a safe, secure and stylish platform. If you don’t have the good fortune to live on beautiful Vancouver Island, take a look at for hints as to where they’re heading next.


We just started using to sell our excess of finds and we have gotten incredible results. 


Let’s buy local – Let’s support local



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Thursday, 7 February 2013

VIC 42–A SPECIAL Feature

Today I was included in a great feature that I would like to share with all our blog readers.  VIC 42 – A local website that celebrates the unique and interesting people in Victoria -  invited me to be part of their collection of personalities.  I feel very honoured to be selected and to share virtual space with some of the most influential people in my own community. 


I have always said that Victoria has great talent and that we should embrace it – Now we have an opportunity to discover our locals thanks to VIC 42


Teresa Lindsay & Al Smith are the geniuses behind the VIC 42 concept.  A very innovative and progressive platform to showcase talent.


I had the pleasure of meeting Teresa many years ago and thanks to VIC 42, we have rekindled our friendship.   Teresa took the time to learn about me and who I am and I could not be more pleased with her write-up. Al’s photography is outstanding – it can be appreciated not only in my own photo, but in the rest of the pictures you can see on their site. Working with Al was a pleasure.  He made me feel comfortable during the whole process and now I even have a photo of myself that I like – lol -




I invite you to check this great website and support out amazing local talent in Victoria.



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