Saturday, 21 December 2013


The team here at MEADE DESIGN GROUP want to wish everyone and their families a very Happy Holidays and all the best in the new year!

We hope you enjoy our extra special video message below!


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Sunday, 15 December 2013


One of our favourite projects this year has been the creation of our own delicious line of tea.  This has been a really  fun internal exercise in which we were contemplating all the logistics of creating a product, branding it, and make it part of our work culture.


We started with the 4 basic kinds of tea: Black, White, Green and Rooibos.  From there we collaborated with tea experts that helped us to create our own blends.  After a lot of tea tasting we determined which blends reflected our own preferences in flavours, but also blends that would be appealing to a large public, and showcase how unique we are.


Once we had the blends to a tea; we went to the packaging design and label design.  We wanted the product to have a reference from the old world but with a contemporary feel to it. Our inspiration word was “Alchemy”.  



Initial Tea Prototype


Once we had the alchemy idea we started the hard job of  finding the packaging but we were extremely lucky as we found these really cool apothecary glass jars to pack the teas in.  We also wanted the tea to be a reflection of our work culture, so planning the graphic design and branding of the labels was a lot of fun. 


From there we had one the most difficult tasks – what about the name?  What about the brand?  We decided to use our own monogram, MDG, as a reference to the studio and we give Latin names to the teas to tie in the concept of alchemy and  formulas.


For the black tea we selected the name of “Aurea” which means gold in Latin as we added gold pearls to add a sophisticated and sweet note to it.  The white tea was named “Jasminium” to reference the floral and fresh notes on it.  The Green tea was named “Citrus” for its Seville orange, mandarin and bergamot notes. Finally the rooibos blend was called “Lavandula” for its French Province notes and the hint of lavender in it.



Final Label and Packaging Design


With the holiday season upon us we took the idea one step further and created a Christmas tea.  We combined an exquisite special blend of black teas, bergamot oils and the perfect balance of dry fruits to give it a festive, but yet unique flavour that reminded us of Christmas memories.  We named the blend “Ferias” which in Latin means celebrations.



Our Xmas Tea  (Special Edition)


During our experimentations to develop “Ferias” we discover that if you mix a half cup of tea, with a 1/4 cup of milk and a 1/4 cup of frothed eggnog you can create the most delicious Ferias Egg Nog Latte – The balance in flavours is truly an experience you need to try.


Even Echo and Jordan had some fun creating an ad for our website with our Xmas Tea Edition.  It is all about shameless self promotion, right! 




O Christmas Tea, O Christmas Tea

How Lovely is Your Fragrance,

Dried Fruit and Nuts,

Filling Teacups.

You Give Us So Much Pleasure!

O Christmas Tea, O Christmas Tea

A Meade Design Group Treasure!!!


The response to our tea line with friends and clients has been phenomenal.  The great feedback has our brains buzzing with ideas for new ways to represent and promote the Meade Design Group brand.   I believe it is important to have fun internal projects so that we can have carte blanche where we design without constraints and to flex our creative muscles in new ways. 

All that creativity is thirsty work, tea anyone?

MEADE DESIGN GROUP - THE BLOG. Copyright 2007-2011