Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Ten Best Contemporary Tulip Vases

Spring is here and the Tulip Season too. 


I have chosen a contemporary collection of tulip vases that I think are stunning - any of which will make this spring season a very special one.


Every tulip season I remember my grandfather telling me the Tulip mania story.  I don’t remember all the details, but that is why we have Wikipedia.


Tulip mania was a period in the Dutch Golden Age during which contract prices for bulbs of the recently introduced Turkish tulips reached extraordinarily high levels and then suddenly collapsed. At the peak of tulip mania in February 1637, tulip contracts sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftsman. It is generally considered the first recorded speculative bubble (or economic bubble)  - Wikipedia


Thankfully now days tulips are very affordable and everybody can enjoy them.  Doesn’t matter how beautiful the vase is we can still reflect in their elegance.  Of course, if you can have a vase as inspired as the tulip itself, why not?



Designed by Richard Hutten



Designed by Lotte van Laatum




Designed by Daan Brouwer


image  DELFT BLUE #5 - MOOOI

Designed by Marcel Wanders



Designed by Norman Trapman




Designed by Marcel Wanders



Designed by Norman Trapman




Design by Marcel Wanders


image ELEMENTS 003 - MOOOI

Designed by Jaime Hayon




Designed by Marcel Wanders


Which one is your favourite?


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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

In Conversation with Garrow Kedigian

imageGarrow Kedigian


Canadian-born designer Garrow Kedigian has been working in New York with his self-titled firm for the last eight years and has found great success in the fields of both interior design and architecture. He has designed urban boutiques, stylish residences and beautiful office spaces for his clients and has been recognized by the media for his efforts. Garrow has been featured in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Elle Décor and the New York Times. He was also named one of Traditional Home’s “20 Young Designers to Watch”, and was included in the exclusive Kips Bay decorator show house for 2009.


Garrow’s spaces are varied in style but always show great taste and flair. His sense of proportion, drama and sightlines are the staples of his designs; I love the statement he has included on his website “The architecture is what sets the tone and tells you what you need to do with a space” because I agree with that wholeheartedly. I also enjoy seeing the array of artwork Garrow includes in his spaces and the unique ways he showcases it. His work always appears refined and well put together but not too put together – they seem comfortable and eclectic, the furniture does not look like it was chosen from the same page of a catalogue, each piece has been carefully chosen and has character.


Mr. Kedigian attended McGill University’s architecture program in his hometown of Montreal, Quebec. After completing his formal education Garrow moved to Boston, Massachusetts followed by his current locale, New York, to gain experience with some of the top designers in North America. He now runs his company from his Upper East Side studio/apartment.


If you are looking forward to hearing more about this talented designer as much as I was, please read on…


Iván Meade – What was your first experience with design?

Garrow Kedigian - At age 7, I had an inkling that my parents living room felt off-balance. After carefully studying the room, I decided to try the piano at the opposite side of the room, and surprised even myself at how such a decision made such a giant impact on the space. That opened up my mind to the importance of design, layout, and planning for a room.


imageInteriors by Garrow Kedigian


Iván Meade – Who or what has influenced your style?

Garrow Kedigian – After graduating from McGill Architecture, I was fortunate enough to get a job working at the office of William Hodgins, one of the best in the Interior Design business. Working for Mr. Hodgins for 6 years certainly shaped, refined and influenced my work: I am often complimented by people who learn I’ve worked with him when they remark ‘I can see that….’ Other noted design influences are Marjorie Shushan, who I worked with when I first came to New York- her calm gracious and extensively thought-out rooms capes are un-paralleled, Jeffrey Bilhuber, who I consider to be one of the greatest design talents of our time, and the Architect Alex Gorlin (the latter two designers I have more recently had the pleasure of collaborating on a few projects with.


image Interiors by Garrow Kedigian


Iván Meade – How would you describe your style?

Garrow Kedigian -  Often, when first meeting with new clients, this is one of the first questions they ask me; and I find it a complex one to answer. I guess if I have to give a definitive reply it would be ‘streamlined classic’. I feel good design is sustainable and lasting, and principles which have been learned over the development of a design tradition are rooted in classic principles. This does not necessarily mean the room has to be fussy with florals and chintz, I think even successful modern rooms are based on simple classic principles of organization. My work is definitely founded in the classic, but paired back, and finds itself defined somewhere in between traditional and contemporary, simplified and addresses the fact that we are working today and not in the past.


imageInteriors by Garrow Kedigian


Iván Meade – What is your design philosophy?

Garrow Kedigian – A well planned space is based on a combination of design inspiration, which is the initial ‘first response’ to a room/ space when walking through if for the first time; this coupled with the culmination of that inspiration using a well structured process of design development. I often start with inspiration sketches, and build upon those with more intricate design drawings, studying massing, scale, proportion. I feel the architecture of the room is symbiotic with the interior design and the two cannot be independent of one another, a successful space is a marriage between the two, and I feel my background trained as an architect helps me in the design development phases of all my projects. A successful room is always defined by a well organized and thought through furniture layout plan,


imageInteriors by Garrow Kedigian


Iván Meade – How do you feel that growing up in Canada has influenced your style and career in New York?

Garrow Kedigian – Canadians are very European in a way, inherently stylish and understand the importance of quality over quantity. I feel like Montreal was a really lucky place for me to grow –up; the city has distinctive French and British influences in its architecture and design, a very unique place; growing up I took all that for granted, and it’s only now starting to reveal itself as great fortune


imageInteriors by Garrow Kedigian


Iván Meade – I admire the range of artwork that you feature in your projects, what attracts you to a piece?

Garrow Kedigian – Artwork is often a window into the personality of the client, which is why there is a varied range of works in my projects as you describe- I always leave art to the end of the project, that way I’ve had a chance to get to know my client during the interim of the design/ development stages of the project, and the last shopping expedition is usually the one for art, since it’s such a personal thing. Sometimes clients have their own collection of artwork, which is a consideration in the design phases, but when I have the opportunity to select their artwork, I always select the pieces that I feel reflect the client and (maybe a little selfishly) compliment the design of the space the best!


image Interios by Garrow Kedigian


Iván Meade – I’m not going to sugar-coat it, I am very jealous that you got to work on the Kips Bay show house! What was that experience like?

Garrow Kedigian – Kips Bay was an eye-opener- the thing I enjoyed most was watching all the other designers work in their rooms and seeing how everyone does things; similarities in design strategies are comforting and differences are curious and enticing! I had the smallest room at the 2009 Kips Bay Show house, and I wanted it to pack a punch. I gave the space some simple architecture by painting lines/paneling at the walls throughout, which helped pull the space together and dictated the organization of furniture and artwork…


imageInteriors by Garrow Kedigian


Iván Meade – What are you excited about right now in the world of design?

Garrow Kedigian – I’ve seen many trends in this business, and I’ve tried to avoid them, because I feel trendy isn’t always sustainable; but recently I’ve noticed fabric showrooms commissioning designers to design their fabric lines, which I think is a great idea, since I’m always shopping and thinking ‘if only that came in a larger scale, or if only that one was available in a green color way’… etc. I’ve loved everything I’ve seen in these designer lines so far!


imageInteriors by Garrow Kedigian


Iván Meade – What would be your dream project?

Garrow Kedigian – I think giving a classic Georgian house a ‘streamlined- make-over’ would be the perfect job; I saw a house a few months back when visiting another client in the suburbs which would be perfect to renovate and create in (of course the dream aspect would include an unlimited budget, and a client who said ‘just do it, and I’ll be back in 6 months’…)


imageInteriors by Garrow Kedigian


Iván Meade – What project has given you the most satisfaction?

Garrow Kedigian – I would say the Kips Bay Showhouse, since I had a clear and underlying concept for the space, and so many of my designer colleagues appreciated it so much! I felt so fulfilled by this appreciation…


imageInteriors by Garrow Kedigian


Iván Meade – What is the best advice (design related or otherwise) that you have ever received?

Garrow Kedigian – I think the best advice, both related to design and perhaps can be applied to life in general, was by Marjorie Shushan who told me ‘always be careful to make sure you don’t overdo things…’ which resonates true in everything.


imageInteriors by Garrow Kedigian


Iván Meade – What are 3 things you each can’t live without?

Garrow Kedigian – the three things I can’t live without are 1) a measuring tape in-tow all the time; 2)Sketching paper and a good pen to sketch/ draw with, 3)My scale ruler…I can’t live without my measuring tape and I always make sure I have one handy, I always measure things when I find something with a pleasing proportion; I’m always sketching and drawing, and I could never leave home without a pen and paper to sketch with, and my scale ruler (which I had a woodworker of mine cut down to fit neatly in my pen case) as I’m always studying plans and measuring dimensions on things…


image Interiors by Garrow Kedigian


Iván Meade – What is your next design venture?

Garrow Kedigian - I’ve recently been hired by a client who purchased the apartment of Jaimie Drake (a very well know New York City Interior Designer), Jaimie’s vision and color sense are amazing, and I am excited to see how the client will have me reshape and redesign the space to meet her requirements. It’s an amazing space, with a tremendous and gracious living/ dining room ensuite, with tremendously high ceilings, enormous windows, and the best part is that it is in an old Piano Factory building (!!)


imageInteriors by Garrow Kedigian


Iván Meade – Lastly, you have already created a stunning body of work with many mediums and styles. What would you like your legacy to be?

Garrow Kedigian – I guess at the end of all this, I’d like to publish a book featuring some of my work and my sketches and drawings, which will hopefully, someday, be inspiring to others who have this passion for design!


image Interiors by Garrow Kedigian


I invite you visit Garrows Kedigian’s webiste to discover more of his stunning body of work.




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Monday, 22 March 2010

Installation Day – Sneak Peek [ Sherman Oaks ]


Last Friday was our Installation Day for our first project in California.  It was a challenging project due to the distance, but it has been one of the best projects we have ever worked on.  Our client was amazing, and we could not have asked for anyone more pleasant or understanding.


We were invited to design the Living Room, Dining Room and Master Bedroom of  a 1940’s Bungalow at the top of a hill with the most outstanding city views I have ever seen. 


Our client wanted a  new space that reflected her life passions and her new sense of sophistication.  We selected a palette in mauves, purples, taupes, and browns and we incorporated some elements that showcase her immaculate sense of humour, in a space where she can host one of her favourite activities - movie nights.


Sherman Oaks 022


Some of our favourite moments in the space are these over scaled light fixtures that bring an immediate sense of drama and volume to the space and the wallpaper in the ceiling has been a hit, adding visual texture and sense of rhythm.


Sherman Oaks 014 


Sherman Oaks 033


This is also one of my favourite vignettes in the space.  A bust of Einstein and a hand sketch of a woman that has sentimental meaning to the client.


Sherman Oaks 018


We designed a simple bookcase to hold all our clients important memorabilia objects.


Sherman Oaks 031


Excuse the ladder but we were working on the installation. Stunning wing chairs with lumbar pillows in Allegra Hicks fabric.


Sherman Oaks 016


Our client has been involved in the movie industry and we thought it could be great to include a fun tribute to her career with these posters printed in sepia.


Sherman Oaks 027


The Dining Room has a white grass wallpaper by Ralph Lauren and a stunning metal light fixture by Terzanni.  We placed a single over scale photograph to add volume to the space.


Sherman Oaks 030


Sherman Oaks 020


A wall paper by Threads, and lush mauve velvet window treatments make this space warm and inviting.



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Monday, 15 March 2010

California – Our First Day


LA March 2009 007 Santa Monica Pier


After a long day of endless home accessory shopping we decided to take some time off and enjoy a beautiful sunset in California. 


We heard that one of the best places to do this in California was Santa Monica Pier – A legendary landmark for many movies.  This memorable location has a variety of entertainment, dining and shopping experiences, including the thrill rides of Pacific Park; and a historic 1922 Carousel that we never saw. 


We were not disappointed, we got our beautiful sunset and we had lots of fun while I was able to take some pictures to share with you.



LA March 2009 010 I really liked this concrete sculpture


LA March 2009 015 For all the Route 66 fans


LA March 2009 025 Echo and Myself


LA March 2009 027 West Coast Colours


LA March 2009 034 Fast


LA March 2009 044 I had to beat a new record


LA March 2009 040 Echito had to pose for my camera


LA March 2009 048

This is one of favourite shoots of the day


LA March 2009 060  Our Sunset - The End of the Day


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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

BC Home – Office Space at Home




Today you must rush out to buy the latest issue of BC Home out on news stands.  The reason being that our studio has been featured! Yaaaaaay!



BC Home 005



You can find the article “Office Space at Home” [page 45].  Under the section: Inside Design section features our studio, and tips from Meade Design Group on creating a fashionable home office. 



BC Home 001



We were very pleased to see our studio being presented in such a beautiful end elegant way in this issue of BC Home.   The text by Jennifer Blyth describes our studio to a tea and Jo-Ann Richards photography is stunning as always. 


If you want to see the before and after pictures you can check out our entry from the day we moved to the studio.


Introducing our New Design Studio


And for even more photographs of the studio check out our website under Studio.





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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Eye Candy of the Week – Vidik Buffet





Vidik Buffet by Monarch Furnishings



Monarch Original



Teak buffet with glass



61” x 20” x 27.5”



Today I had a nice visit with Tony Martin from Monarch Furnishings.  He stopped by to the studio to show me the latest collections they are bringing to Victoria, BC.  It is really exciting to see somebody with good eye bringing original designs to the interior design market in Victoria B.C.


This particular buffet caught my eye.  I love the mid century vibe, the clean lines and the sense of rhythm that is being created with the round cuts of glass. 



Buffe-licious !!!



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