Friday, 11 April 2008

The Design District

Yesterday was the official launch for THE DESIGN DISTRICT in Victoria, BC. It was an event where lots of familiar faces got together and celebrated the long awaited commencement of the project that was four years in the making.


THE DESIGN DISTRICT is an area in downtown Victoria BC where aproximately 25 stores related to design have joined efforts under the direction of Pamela Robert from Thomson and Page and Ken Kelly from the DVBA (Downtown Victoria Business Association) to bring attention to this part of town


THE DESIGN DISTRICT is in Herald Street, Store Street, Fisgard and Pandora Street in downtown Victoria BC

Who is part of THE DESIGN DISTRICT ?

THE DESIGN DISTRICT members are for the most part furniture stores, childrens boutiques, art galleries, and other local stores selling a wide variety of products and design services for the residents of Victoria BC, as well as supporting businesses such as restaurants and coffee shops.

Why the need to create THE DESIGN DISTRICT ?

The need to identify and create a sector of the city where businesses get together to create one-stop shopping for anything that your home can need, and make it an experience.

Why do we know so much about THE DESIGN DISTRICT ?

Well, Meade Design Group got the honor to be invited as a company to design their graphic identity.

To read more about the concept behind THE DESIGN DISTRICT you can read an entry that we posted earlier this year

This will be the street signage that will identify this new community in town.

We also have created a list of links under THE DESIGN DISTRICT category at the left side of the blog.

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Anonymous said...

This is such a great move by Pamela and the DVBA, it will really add to the appeal of downtown, not only to people working in fine arts but to tourists and residents as well! Great job - kudos to all who are involved!