Friday, 12 December 2008

Eye Candy of the Week

Product: Vicente Wolf Blog
Designer: Vicente Wolf
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Content: Design topics, culture and every day life
Yummy Factor:
Wolf-a-licious !

This week's eye candy is a little less tangible, you can't put it in your home or buy it online but this free eye candy can definitely inspire you to do something new and different in your home. I would like to think of this eye candy of being more like a box of chocolates where its filled with all kinds of different treats instead of our usual singular lollipop or chocolate bar. In this case the treats are posts on various topics of design, culture and every day life, and the box is Vicente Wolf's new and enlightening blog.

I invite you to visit and spread the word about this exciting blog found at:

On May 28, 2008 I had the opportunity to do an interview with Vicente Wolf for Meade Design Group - The Blog. I found the experience to be very interesting and I got a real sense of his personality. Vicente seems very genuine and intelligent but he still has a great sense of humor.

If you would like to read the interview please follow the link below.

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Anonymous said...

Great choice for the eye candy of the week - I love the candy box analogy because it's so true! Vicente's blog is full of "yummy treats" with topics about all facets of design and his daily life.

Anonymous said...

one one zero zero. Very creative. The blog is one of the good ones. Just like this one!

qerat said...

Love his work, style, books and photography & the blog.