Sunday, 5 April 2009

Affordable Design – The Trollsta Tray Table by IKEA

Good design doesn't need to be expensive, good design can be affordable. I am a firm believer that the best design is always a compromise in the choices that are made. It is the refined eye who sees what you can use as an inexpensive alternative. Of course expensive things are beautiful - one of the reasons is the time, materials and effort spent in the creation of these pieces. We try to highlight these pieces in our Eye Candy of the Week section, but being current with the times we also would like to feature some affordable alternatives that are unique, elegant and cost effective.


Trollsta Tray Table

For all of those fans of Moooi, Marcel Wanders, Jaime Hayon or Marteen Baas for instance - IKEA has this piece that will echo the designs of these great talents.

Trollsta – Tray Table [ Black ]


Wiebke Braasch

Table top: Steel, Pigmented powder coating
Underframe: Solid birch, Tinted nitrocellulose lacquer
Axle: Steel, Galvanized


  • Removable tray.
  • The tray has an extra wide edge and high sides; prevents spills and makes it easy to carry.
  • Easy to fold up, easy to move

$ 79.00 Canadian Dollars

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echito said...

You certainly can't beat that price! It totally would blend in with a Moooi or Jaime Hayon space. Ikea is really improving their 1-look image, great find!

Michelle said...

This is a great find! I love mixing high with low in the details in this table...with a nod to the past.

Best, Michelle

Anonymous said...

so cool and for only $79! I think table/tray would be very versatile addition to any home.

qerat said...

there is something arabesque"ish" about it. There are very old traditional designs with wooden bases that carry a brass tray that are similar to this table. I like this piece and VERY affordable.

DesignTies said...

I really enjoy your eye candy posts :-) You find some great stuff!!

Ikea has really come a long way. It's great that they can offer products that look good and are well-priced :-) They have a great hot dog deal too!! ;-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Brillante Interiors said...

I agree with Michelle and Teraq about this piece's style. Good design does not need to be expensive. Creative ideas and quality count, same as in fashion

Maria Killam said...

Love that table, I was just in a client house where she asked me if she should buy a second one and I said 'no then it would look IKEA, the single table makes it look like a unique find!'

I'm glad you like it too!!

Unknown said...

Hi Ivan
What a great designed table from Ikea...and you can't beat that price. Good Pick!!

katiedid said...

Great table! I am going to check right now to see if available in the States. Thanks for the heads up!

Mafe Molinari said...

I saw it last week is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

ooh, not fair... i just got this here in tx, it sells for US$99 down here. I miss living in Montreal *sigh* - and I'm not saying that because of furniture prices.