Thursday, 18 June 2009

My ten favourite pieces from AB Interiors

If you have not read the comment from AB Interiors in my last blog entry, you may not now how I was encouraged to post an entry about their product line (in the friendliest way of course!).

However, once I took a look at their online store I was excited to find all of the pieces I would need for my dream summer cottage. I would love to own a cozy place by the sea filled with rustic, Belgian inspired pieces for a casual yet elegant place to get away from work and busy downtown Victoria.

Take a peek below to find some of the highlights I would need to include in my dream cabin…


Which ones are your favourite pieces?


image Large Wood Chandelier


image Wood Canister


image Finial Book Ends


imageMalaga Dining Table


image Pacifica Ottoman


image Versailles Sheets


imageBamboo Flatware


imageBarrington Table Lamp 


imageChachepot Basket


 image Pacifica Lounge Chair


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Michelle said...

O dear...the nature girl in me is overflowing with appreciation for these peices!

Maria Killam said...

I love your dream cottage! Especially the bark!

Unknown said...

hahah You are the GREATEST! Maybe I can even encourage you to do a design interview on me!! But I wont push my luck!
Im announcing today TARGET TUESDAYS. Im going to write an open letter every Tuesday in hopes to get TARGETS attention, and cross your fingers, get an accessories line. This madness all started after some news I received last Saturday about Miley Cyrus. Read my post 'My life on the D list' and it will ALL make sense. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome. And Im going to post this on my blog too!!

Brillante Interiors said...

Everything will be perfect for your dream beach house or summer cottage. I am partial to the books ends, table lamp and baskets.

Dale said...

The Barrington Table Lamp is my favorite!

DesignTies said...

I'll take them all, please :-) And then I'll put them in the CHEO dream cottage that I'm going to win!! :-D

If I had to pick one favourite piece, it would be the wood canister. I love birch :-)


Bonnie said...

I dream of having a beach cottage too! I like the chaise lounge and ottoman. They look great out by the pool in the photo on AM's Online Store. I also like the sheets. Great post! I hope your dream comes true!

echito said...

I like them all a lot, but I think I will have to say that the canister is my favourite :)